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My Premium Account has been hacked !!!!! PLEASE HELP !!!!!

My Premium Account has been hacked !!!!! PLEASE HELP !!!!!

My account has been hijacked by someone and I was able to log in through Facebook but not change password or email, because I needed the current password. 


I am currently paying for a family premium account that I have no access to. Could you help me get my account back !!!



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This reminded me the first days of the internet. I seriously haven't seen any worse account security for the last two decades. How Spotify, let someone to change the main e-mail address and the password without informing the account owner is seriously beyond my comprehension.  This is a paid service and yet it's pretty easy to lose your account given today's technology. Shame.


Hope Spotify get your account back fast and fix this serious security flaw as soon as possible 


 I also realised that Spotify is sending the confirmation mail to the new e-mail address.

This is seriously the biggest stupidity I've seen lately. I mean, seriously? The level of incompetence here is just unrivaled.

I wonder what kind of an apology will Spotify have. 

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