My Spotify account has been HACKED


My Spotify account has been HACKED


I received an email on 26 May 2017 that welcomed me to FAMILY PREMIUM . I have never added this feature. Today I checked my spotify and found a couple of playlist that I've never made. Going into my account settings, I've found that the language has been change to Indonesian dan all my data has been changed, including my email & password. I've filled out the Contact Form and when I submited the reply said that someone will contact me to the email that is now saved as the account's email, which is not my original email. Please help me with this serious problem. Thanks

(screenshot removed for security)

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Re: My Spotify account has been HACKED

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @atipyam!


Thanks for getting in touch.


This sounds like one for our Support team, don't worry they'll be able to help.


You can contact them one of the below ways: 


1. Email -

2. Twitter -

3. Facebook -


If you've reached out already via email, but your email's been changed, we'd recommend using the 'without login' section, or Chat instead: 

Hope this helps :)