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My Spotifys just deleted all my playlists and put me on a Basic account

My Spotifys just deleted all my playlists and put me on a Basic account

Hello got a problem,


I was just on spotify, as usual, and I went to preferences and it said that my account was connected to facebook, So I foolishly clicked disconnect and it logged my out of my spotify.


I then tried to connect back to my spotify, and it started up a new account, as if it was brand new, and has given me a 48-hour trial, where before I was on Spotify premium paying for it.


Just wondering what I could do to get back my Premium account?



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You should be able to log in using "nathangaskell" as your username, rather than your email address. This should get you back into your normal account.
Airhorn Enthusiast

Hi David.


My account has also changed to Spotify free when I was paying for Premium. I wasn't connected to Facebook in the first place (I has been in the past, but turned it off months ago). I always log in with my username.


Can you get my account back to Premium again? I use Spotify the most on my phone and it's not letting me use it!




Hi Rich - It seems your last payment for September just couldn't go through successfully. 


Please be sure your card meets all the requirements outlined here:


You can then upgrade to Premium again via your subscription page

Hi Meredith. Thanks for the speedy response - much appreciated! I've updated my card details and it's all working fine now. 


Thanks again,


Excellent -- glad to hear it. 


Enjoy your tunes!

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