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My account disappeared?

My account disappeared?

So my original account was a free account that i use to listen to music when i play on my ps4. I also had access of it on my phone as well. But one day my account disappeared from both my ps4 and phone. I tried logging back on but it say incorrect password/username. So i tried reseting my password with my email but it say there no account that goes with that email. Then i tried logging in with my facebook even though im pretty sure i didn't use it to sign up. It also say that i don't have an account with my facebook. So i try recreating a new account with the email. But when i use that email address, i get a message saying that there already an account with  that email. Do the account remove itself after acouple of days without using it?

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Hey there @Goax60,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


Just in case and to make sure which accounts were used by you and are still active please check this "Finding Accounts" help page here.

In addition, i strongly recommend you use this article as well as it might be someone has been using you account or it was taken over.


Waiting on your update 😃


I tried them solutions before i posted on the community but they didn't work for me. Like i said in the previous post, I tried reseting my password but it said my email doesn't have an account link with it. But when i tried to created a spotify account with that same email address, it said that there already an account linked with the email so i can't make an account with it.

Also for someone to take over my account then they sure waste alot of time then cause mine account was a free one. Never brought the premium on the account so it might been faster if they would of just sign up a new account.

Hey there @Goax60

and thanks for your patience!


Let's make sure you havn't used FB to create the account by using this help guide.


Let me know what you come up with 😃


I tried logging in with my facebook but it say it doesn't have an account that link with it. When i tried to created one with it, it say their an error.

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