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My account does not have an email address attached to it. Unable to verify email.

My account does not have an email address attached to it. Unable to verify email.

Plan : 3 month

Premium - UPI Payment

Country : India


Device : Android


My Question or Issue : 

I can't log in to my account anywhere except on my phone!

I paid for 3 months through the UPI payment option in India (a prepaid plan) on my phone with the Google Pay app. I was signed up and logged in on my phone number using an OTP (One-time password through SMS) and so I didn't enter my email anywhere. I downloaded the windows app and there's no option to login using a phone number. I never set a permanent password for the account or an email address and I don’t have facebook, there’s absolutely no way to log in anywhere else but my phone. When I try to reset my password using a Spotify generated username, I get “Unfortunately there is no email address associated with the specified user. We are therefore unable to send a password retrieval URL to you.”.

This seems like a backend issue and I can’t seem to find a support email or ticket system to solve this.

Note: This is a different account I am posting on, I can’t register my premium account on spotify community for the same reason.

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Hi @robinsonn1

Thank you for reaching out here in the Community!

If you've created an account using your phone number, you won’t be able to add an email address to it. If you want to have one added, you should get in touch with Customer Support. 

You can find the contact form here


I hope it helps! 

After 1 hour of tedious hardwork, I have finally found the way to add email id to the Spotify Account created by a phone number. First make sure the mail id u r going to use doesnt have any account created through it. Now go to this link

You will find a blank space for email id. Just enter your email id and click save changes. You are done.

You are most welcome. If you find this useful please support me by studying hard and making your parents proud.


spotify mail id issue.png

Heyy, 🙂 
I previously tried this but for some reason i feel like there are 2 parallel accounts created. 
Phone number account has premium plan. I added email like you mentioned above. When i try to login via email on my laptop it shows non upgraded version and my old account for some reason. 

Hi folks,


Thank you for your posts.


@saranyachaganti For what you mention, it seems like you have two separate accounts, One registered under the phone number and the other registered under the email address. 


In this case, we suggest you delete the free account using these steps. Please make completely sure you've logged with the email address before deleting it. 


After doing this, please wait 14-30 days from the day of deletion to register the email address on your Premium account.


Let us know if you have any questions.

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there is no option to add an email to the ios app account registered to a phonenumber 

I faced same your issue, and I already solved problem, do these steps:

  1. In your phone, go to Settings > Account - Premium plan > See Premium plans 
  2. Choose Change your plans 
  3. At appeared popup, choose edit your profile, update another email to your profile > Save
  4. Go to login page as normal, choose Forgot password > Enter new email from step 3
  5. Go email inbox, type new password > Login OK


So if you go to the plan option on your phone, and click on "Learn More," via Settings and privacy --> Premium plan --> See Available Plans --> Learn More, you will be able to access sections like Account, billing, change card info and so on. From here, you can add your email id to the account. Hope this helps.

.EDIT. I think this only works on android because the about option did not pop up but I will keep searching for another way. Alright I know what to do. So if you’re logged in through the app already then click on the profile icon at the top left then click settings and privacy. Scroll all the way down and click about then click support once you do that it should bring you to the site version fully logged in already then click the three lines at the top right. Click account overview then click edit profile and you should see all your info you can change your email. Me personally I didn’t have to I’m just a **bleep** and it turns out I already logged into the same account just didn’t realize it🙁 hope this helped someone✌️

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