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My account got hacked(I think)

My account got hacked(I think)





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(i Samsung Galaxy J6+(2018)

Operating System



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Hi there!






Samsung Galaxy J6+(2018)

Operating System Android


I am having some trouble with my account.On my spotify home page on your podcast section a podcast that I never listend to shows up.I know what you might think that I got hacked but the weird part is that it does not show up in my recently played and when I search for it nothing comes up.It is created by this user:n4378th34ufhp9834.Also when I tap on it it says sorry something went wrong.I will try to include screenshot if find out how.I would also like to mention that there are no other signs that indicate the fact that my account is compromised(no new log in emails,the password is the same,the email adress is the same, no new playlist or new liked songs or artists no changes in music recomandations the songs do not change while I play music no pop up message warning me about new device whatsoever).This freaks me out because the podcast is like a ghost nothing comes up in my recently played and when I search for it nothing comes up.Please help me as doon as possible.

Thank you!




3 Replies

Hey @user-removed, thanks for reaching out to the Community!


I’m sorry to hear about this! In this case, I’d recommend checking out this support article for the next steps to take.

To prevent this from happening in the future, there are many measures you can take to protect your account, such as resetting your password every few months, and not using passwords you have used on other sites. There is also a great guide here for some more measures on protecting your account.

If you see an email from Spotify, and can’t tell if it’s legit, use this checklist. Of course, Spotify makes sure that all user records and platforms are completely secure around the clock.

I hope this helps.

Billy-JSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Hi @user-removed,


Thank you for posting on the Community.


We were able to see the content that shows on your feed and passed your comments about it to the right team. 


About your account, for what you describe it doesn't seem like it was vulnerated. However, if you'd like to take some security measures you can follow the recommendations shared by @Billy-J 


In regards to the content, it's not possible to remove it manually from your home screen. In this case, the more you listen to other content the faster your app will update and stop showing that podcast. When you do, make sure to have the Private session feature off.


Lastly, in case you'd like to make sure everything is in order in your account, you can contact our folks from Customer Support through this link. 


Hope this helps.

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Hey Guys,

i got the same problem:

There's this one Podcast from User n4378th34ufhp9834 and i would love to delete it. I got on my Spotify Accout for quite a while. And on both my smartphone and PC app. Absolutely no clue how this podcast came to my Main Page. And i guess i`m changing my music taste so much, that i should be already updated and changed.

Does somebody know a solution???

Thx already and sry for the miserable english


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