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My account is accessible from web page with old,compromised password that I cannot reset

My account is accessible from web page with old,compromised password that I cannot reset

My issue is easier to understand if I use a bullet list:


  • I created my account years ago (2012?) with a username and password. The password is an old one and was compromised years ago. 
  • At some point my  account merged with my Facebook account
  • Recently I noticed a whole bunch of unfamiliar music in my playlists and all kinds of shenanigans going on with my music. So I suspected someone was logging into my account.
  • I decided to login into the website and discovered my old email/password combo still worked. I could also login using my FB to the same account.
  • I used the "logout everywhere" feature which seemed to work.
  • I reset my FB account and re-authed on my iPhone
  • HOWEVER: I am still able to login to the website account page using my OLD / COMPROMISED email/password combo. 
  • When I try to use the password-reset page I simply am informed that my account is linked to Facebook and to reset my password there.

So, hopefully this makes sense and I described the problem coherently. I just want to disable and/or change my old credentials so my can get my account back! I dont' mind using facebook but I need to make my account secure so it can't be accessed with the old password/creds.


Bonus Question: How can I clear all my playlists and basically reset my Spotify account? There is so much crap music/playlists on there I need to just start form scratch.



1 Reply

Hey @La_Flama_Blanca,


For the looks of your list, it's best if you start fresh on a new account. If you need to use the old email though (or have everything wiped out on your long, lost, inaccessible Spotify account), you can give a shout to the Support team either via the Contact form or send a tweet to @SpotifyCares.


Hope that helps 🙂

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