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My account was disabled by Spotify and Customer Service doesn't help

My account was disabled by Spotify and Customer Service doesn't help



I had several playlists I created using my own music taste and some of them got popular.


My popular playlists under spam by "report abuse" bots, which are triggered by jealous playlist curators probably, for around 2 years.


Yesterday I got attacked again. I fixed the playlist data, and this morning I was shocked when I couldn't login my account. After a while I received an email that says:

"Notice under Spotify Terms and Conditions of Use

The Terms expressly prohibit users from selling a user account or playlist, or otherwise

accepting or offering to accept any compensation, financial or otherwise, to influence the content included on an account or playlist or the name of an account or playlist. It has

come to Spotify’s attention that your account has engaged in unauthorized use in

violation of the Terms. Spotify has therefore suspended your access to the Service and

initiated a thorough review of the unauthorized activities."


First, how do you know that I sell my playlists? How can you detect it?

Secondly there are websites makes this explicitly already. Why don't Spotify stop them then? e.g soundcampaign, soundcamps.


I contacted the customer services via live chat several times. They redirect me to someone from "Escalations team". The guy from the team immediately ended the chat several times. Then I talked to someone else, and he said I will receive an email about it. I contacted again using the given conversation id, but at that time escalations team staff said they don't have any information to share and they can't help. They also did say this is not something customer service can help with. So who can help me? I contacted @SpotifyCares on Twitter many times, and they are basically ignoring me.

I just want my account back. Is there anything else I can do? My account can be accessed by anyone still. In the worst case, I would want to remove the account completely!

I found some articles about the same problem, but I didn't know my account will be disabled completely.

9 Replies

Exactly what happened to you has happened to me, even for the same reason.
One of my playlists was getting so much reports every day and I decided to contact support after 2 years of receiving fraudulent reports, I contacted support to have my list protected, like 2 playlists that I had protected, and after 2 days I woke up and my account has been disabled.


I see that you published this months ago, have they helped you to recover your account?

In the support they do not help at all and they always say that they are going to escalate the case to another department but I never receive anything.

Nope! They never replied to me even though they promised in the live chat.

Check private messages

My account was disabled in December for a different reason but I have basically had the same experience with customer service. Any luck getting your accounts back yet? 

No! I did try to chat with customer service in the meantime several times, and they again (!) promised me to get back back, but they did not of course.


They also don't allow me to delete my account, which is against the GDRP law in EU.

I requested a copy of my data for my account multiple times through chat and email and they have not yet responded. It says in their own privacy policy that they are required by law to provide this.

Hi I see you posted it some months ago... Did somebody help you?

What happened with your playlists? Are them still online?

It happened to me aswell, exactly the same. Somebody reporting my playlist for more than 2 years, more than 100 reports and I always updated the playlists again with picture and description. But yesterday I received the same email as you, and my account got disabled. 

Just dont know what to do, I dont know how Spotify let this kind of people abuse other users with their Report system, and now with this kind of reports. 

Wishing you the best of luck.

They never replied back. Unfortunately, I had to threaten them because they also didn't let me delete my account completely. It was against GDPR in Europe. They did reply this time. I asked them to delete everything completely. All my work was wasted.

Wow so bad to hear that man... What happened then? they delete everything? What happened to your playlists?

It just happened to me yesterday, I dont know what to expect...

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