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My account was merged with someone elses, HELP!

My account was merged with someone elses, HELP!



Severl months ago  (maybe over a year?), presumably due to some sort of database error I all of a sudden had a bunch of playlists that I didnt recognize in my account, and many of my playlists were gone.


I deleted all the ones that I didnt recognize, was able to restore my playlists using the "restore playlists" function, and everything was back to normal, or so I thought.


I tried to log into my account using my email address on a different device than I usually use (I usually log in with facebook) and found - to my surprise - that I couldn't.  At first I assumed that I had just forgotten my password, so I went back to my computer, and logged in with facebook.   Went to my account profile section and found someone elses email address in my email field.


I guess this must have happened at the same time my account was merged with someone elses? I went to change it back to my email address, but it won't let me, saying that my email address is already taken (probably because it still remembers my address from before my account error).


I have tried to email support about this, but I can't because it forces me to use the email address in my account to correspond with them, and this email address isn't mine.


I don't use Twitter, and I am not about to sign up for an account just so I can contact Spotify about this problem.  (Besides, a 140 character limit would make it impossible to solve this via twitter.  I'm already up to 1,561 characters in this post.


Can I please get help from an actual Spotify support person here in these forums?





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Hey @mattlach,

I've reached out to the Support team they have recevied a email today... if thats the correct address expect a reply.

As you suggest a account takeover you will need to contact them via the Annoymous form.

Before Using:

This will not be connected to your account, Please make sure your Signed Out of Spotify Community and any Spotify Accounts to ensure this correspondence comes direct to the email you provide.
Please give your username and any other details so they can access your account


They will investigate and reply within 24 -48 hours.

If you get an automated reply email telling you to check the Community, Please do drop a reply so this will get queued for a agent to see!





I will try that.   Part of the problem is that the email is incorrect, so if they respond I will not receive it.


I don't suspect it was an account takeover, but rather some sort of weird database glitch causing mine and someone elses account to merge.


I will try the anonymous link you provided.





Hey Matt,

Let me know how it goes 🙂





I got what looks like an automated response withthe following wording:

If you have a question about Spotify, your first stop should be the Spotify Community for support from other users. This is also a great place to read up on any company updates that might affect your service as well as posting your own ideas and feedback.


Then check out our Help pages The FAQs contain solutions to the most common queries and guides on how to use Spotify's features.

You can also now follow or Tweet our Spotify Customer Service Team @Spotifycares for all things Spotify.


We're sure that these solutions will help you with your query. Remember that we'll keep you in the loop on any major service updates via our Twitter: @Spotifystatus

Kind regards, Spotify Customer Service Team

Will an actual person still be contacting me to resolve my problem?  This looks like I am just being asked to come back to th ecommunity or twitter to get my problem solved.





Hey @mattlach

In my first post I put

"If you get an automated reply email telling you to check the Community, Please do drop a reply so this will get queued for a agent to see!"


Drop that email a reply with "See Ticket or issue not resolved" and it will be queued for a Support associate 🙂

My mistake.  I read that the first time, but forgot about it when it actually came.


Will do, thanks!




Let me know how it goes 🙂

Face any problems I can Escalate it 🙂



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