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My minutes are not topping up on Spotify Free

My minutes are not topping up on Spotify Free

I've got spotify free, and despite not using Spotify for a couple of weeks as I've been away, I still do not have any minutes/hours to play music.


The only explanation I can think of is that someone else is using my account. I've changed my details/password, but will this affect it.


Anyone else experiencing this problem?





4 Replies

Have to admit I don't have first-hand experience with the new limits on Free, but I have a feeling they're "per month" rather than working on a gradual "recharge" over its course. So it's possible your account simply hasn't ticked over into the next month yet, despite your having been away for a couple of weeks?


(Again, not sure if the new month would begin on the same day for all Spotify users, or if its dependent on the date you created your account. Maybe one of the official Spotify gurus can clarify.)

Thanks for getting back to me!


I thought this might be the case, but on the spotify website it seems to suggest you get 2.5 hours a week, which if not listened to, go up to a maximum of 10 hours. That being said its really tricky trying to find any onformation of spotify free anymore.


Its such a shame as I'm a big spotify fan (been using it since the very beginning) and its only now I'm getting issues.

Well your sleuthing is clearly better than mine -- and I agree that the fine details of the Free service are a little tough to track down, because I couldn't find even that much!


So color me baffled. I'll be interested to see what the final answer to this is.

I'd like to know how it works too !
When are the minutes coming back ?
Any info ?

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