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Where is my money? I have been charged twice for the price of $5.35 for a student account that I have not accessed. It's been two days. Your company should have pepper who deal with these situations and correct them immediately. The only thing it seems you do well is take money, don't provide the said service from which you have taken money for and ignore the complaints from subscribers who clearly have issues. I want and expect my $10.70 refunded to me. Keep your premium subscription it's clearly not worth it. I haven't even received a receipt for the money you have taken. Thank God for bank statements. And no I don't have an alternate account. Get me my money!
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Hi @AmberAstarr. If your method of payment shows a charge but you never completed the transaction, and you do not have premium features, then you are most likely seeing a pre-authorization charge. The short version is that these are holds on your account to ensure that it does, and will contain enough funds to cover the transaction when Spotify actually claims the funds. If the transaction was never completed then the hold should be dropped within a few business days and no funds actually taken from your account. If you're interested in a more complete explanation then the Wikipedia article linked above should suffice. If the charge ultimately does not get dropped and you still do not have access to premium, then please reach out to me and I'll help get it sorted.

Why thank you. I'll give it a few extra days.

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