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My password is displayed as my username

My password is displayed as my username

I realize that we cant change our username. I usually connect via facebook but after purchasing a new phone and connecting via said manner my username is no longer the one that i have on facebook but instead my password. If i connect without facebook, the same thing happens, I type my e-mail address and password and it connects only to show my password as my username. Ive scrolled through and it seems that no one has posted anything about it happening to them which makes it all the more worrysome. Any ideas on how to modify this?

Ive checked with friends and my username on their accounts has also changed to show my password instead of my actual name

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Hey @user-removed,


Welcome to the Community! 

It sounds like some duplicate accounts may have been created. Not worry,

our Support team are the folks to get this sorted. You can reach them via Facebook or Twitter

In the meantime, just give us a shout if there's anything we can do to help 🙂



Good morning, i'm having the exact same problem, thing is, i never used twitter and i no longer use facebook. Is there any other way to get in contact with the support team to fix this?



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