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My payment method does not work

My payment method does not work


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  1. My card information is all correct, but I think there is an issue with the vendors needing to update certain things. My card is from the US; however it says that’s incorrect. I have contacted my bank and that’s what they told me. My Spotify account has been downgraded to the free version, how do I fix this? 


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Hi there @Jordibrost,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


In order to sort your payment issue, i would suggest making sure that the country listed on your account matches the payment method you're providing.


To do so, please visit your account overview page at and check that all the info is indeed correct.


Then, use this two help pages to first of all view the available methods for you and troubleshoot any issue you may have during the process: 

- Payment methods support page

- Payment troubleshooting support page


Let's start with the above and move forward.

Waiting to see how you did 🙂

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