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My premium account is hacked, please help!


My premium account is hacked, please help!

My account seems to be hijacked by someone and I was able to log in through Facebook but not change password or email, because I needed the current password. 


I am currently paying for a premium account that I have no access to. Could you help me get my account back!

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Another one here... email has been changed so i cannot change it back.. i can login with facebook. 

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It seems my premium account has also been hacked. I remember having created my account with Spotify using facebook login and hence don't actually have a password.


It's come to my attention recently that the details on my profile are not mine. There's no way for me to reset my password, because the email is also not mine (and to change it requires me to enter the password). I've used the contact form to contact Spotify but the final screen shows that Spotify will reply to me via the email account on file (which is not mine).


What should I do?


My premium account is also hacked. They changed the email address and password.

Please help!

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I'm having the same problem. It's massively frustrating (not to mention a bit insulting) that I cannot get a response from Spotify. I responded to the initial email saying that my contact info was changed and don't even have a support ticket yet. The anonymous contact form specified earlier in the thread informs me that they will contact the email on the account, which is not my email.


Based on what I'm seeing, I don't know that I want to continue as a paying Spotify customer. It seems that there isn't a concerted account security effort. I hope to be proven wrong.


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Another one here too. I have already discontinued the payment method for this. I have been a spotify user for a long time, and this lack of communication is horrible. I have emailed, gone to the forums, facebook and twitter. Not a single peep back from anyone. I have suggested this service to so many people over the years, and have had the family plan for months. This makes them look like a pile of steaming....


Plus from all the posts that I have been seeing, this seems to be a trend with facebook linked accounts. But of course, no confirmation one way or the other. I could see ignoring the user if it was a free service, but i'm a premium member.  At least acknowledge the paying users and tell us you're looking into it. 



my account has also been hacked, email and password changed so I can only access with my facebook. I have already filled the form, but it says the automatic reply will be sent to an email that is not mine.


Some help please or I will have to cancel the account. Very disappointed.

Hi can you help me please I am having the same issue and I cannot find the correct form- all of my emails are going to an account that has hacked me. Please help !

I'm in a similar situation. Suddenly unable to login to my premium account and worried about my payment details.

What's the best thing to do? I've contacted them, but a way to get faster response?



hi there.. my account has been hacked too and really want someone to sort it asap.. not receving any case numbers and i keep getting told the email has been sent to the address that somoene has changed my account too. 


very worried right now


My account has also been hacked and my email has been changed, so sending support to the new email would be pointless

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My account has also been hacked. Someone changed the email and password because when I tried to use my email address it said that it wasn't linked to any active spotify account. I was just using it two days ago. I had to make a new acocunt through facebook and am currently waiting for an email back from spotify about my problem. 


This is so irritating. 

Hi my premium account (<snip-moderator edit>) has also been hacked. Please help!



Hi, same with me. Premium account hacked. Email and password changed, can only login with Facebook. <snip-moderator edit>

Same is now happening to me <snip-moderator edit>

Ya good luck with them contacting you, mine has been hacked for a month now, I have sent 5 emails still no response I canceled my credit card and switched to a different streaming company. They have horrible customer service!

spotfiy's customer support sucks - really poor links, hard to find - they take the money and run 😞

My account was also hacked, I sent two emails with no answer, all my list where deleted and I have at least 3 different devices accessing my account. I cannot change password because the account is linked to facebook. I changed the facebook password twice but the problem continues. I have spotify since it started in Canada but I am saying goodbye, there is unexistent customer support wish is ridiculous when we pay "Premium" I don't feel that SPotify cares about keeping customers. We have 3 accounts in the house and we are about to shut all of them and move to Apple music 😞 I am sooooo pissed

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