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My premium dissapeared - Android

My premium dissapeared - Android



On Friday I've won a 3 month premium subscription from a Spotify Poland in a contest. I used the code and even got a receipt to my e-mail. The account on the site was showing that my subscription is valid until November.

Right now my spotify on the computer and in my phone (android based) shows that my  2 day free-trial period is over and I have to buy premium.


Can anyone look into this case for me, please?

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Congratulations on winning 3 months 🙂 It should automatically switch from the 2 day trial to paid subscription so you actually get 3 months and 2 days. Does it not show this information under "subscription status" on your account overview?

Thanks for your help Joe!


Actually I see that there are two problems. When the site shows my full name I have the Premium subscription. But when it shows my alias "d_ejkiewicz" it shows like I am on Spotify free. And I only have one account. I don't really get it, now it shows my full name when I'm logged to the site and it works but in both mobile and my computer it shows my alias "d_ejkiewicz" and next to my name there is an 'upgrade' button like I was using a free version.


Still can't access it on my mobile device when I turn off wi-fi. I understand that with premium I can listen to my downloaded playlists offline like I did for the past two days right?


OK you created a second account. Don't panic - use the online contact form and someone at Spotify can help get the accounts merged. If you get an automated reply, make sure to reply to it directly (even though it says not to) to speed things along. Until it is sorted, login with your premium credentials on both devices (your full name which I'd guess is a facebook login?).

Ah Joe, thanks a lot! I didn't think about this. Yes actually the subscription confirmation came to my other e-mail which should've guided me straight to the problem. 


It's very strange because I almost never log in using Facebook and I'm using my 'd_ejkiewicz' account all the time. I hope they can merge those two accounts since I can't really log-in to Spotify using Facebook I guess (on the mobile and cpu version).


Thank you for your help Joe, I hope this can be done!

At least you can enjoy your music now! Remember to reply to the automated response when you get it 🙂

They managed to delete the duplicated account and copy my premium to the primary one so I'm very happy!


Thank you for the help Joe, you've been great!

I'm really glad everything is ok now. Must have been a blow winning then not being able to use it 🙂

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