My premium is gone??

My premium is gone??

Hi my name is Mathias Andersson and my spotify premium is gone!


I do think I know why, but can't figured it out how to get it back whitout sign me up as a new member.


I think this happend because my VISA card got broken, and I had to order a new VISA card from my bank.

And then the cardnumber beeing changed to a new one.

And suddenly my premium acount for premium is gone.

I have tried to search on homepage on my side, if I just can change the cardnumber. But ther is nowhere I can do that.


And I don't want to sign up for a new acont, because I think that all of my music albums and etc is gone than, or??


Pleas help me whit this small problem


best regards


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Hey Mathias, welcome to the Community.

This should just be a simple matter of changing your payment details - but as you say, the usual button for this has gone for a walkabout it seems.

Still, this direct link should get you to the right page:

(The button is also available on the Edit Profile page, but it's easily missed)
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