My recent activity doesn't show up on my profile.

My recent activity doesn't show up on my profile.

Sorry if somebody already asked this, but I've been looking for a solution and I still can't find one.

My account is fairly new, and as soon as I created it I made 4 playlists. It's been weeks now, and for some reason they don't show up on my profile. The direct link works fine, but when I go to my profile nothing is there: not only the playlists are missing, but also my recent activity (recently played artists, etc.). There's absolutely nothing, only my name and my profile picture.

As you can see in the screenshot, the playlists show up there, in the left side of the screen. But my profile is empty (and yes, I triple checked and the playlists are public).
I don't know if it's because it's a new account, or maybe because I created the playlists before verifying my e-mail. Do you guys know what might be the problem?

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Hey @CastelWrites, welcome to the community!


Just to confirm, if you head to the Spotify Settings > Social, are "Publish my activity on  Spotify" and "Show my current Top Artists" active?


I looked you out on my end and saw the same profile as your screenshot so it's quite odd. It could take a few days after creating public playlists for the app to update the database and show them on your profile.


Keep me posted.

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