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There used to be a category under my playlist that had every song I had ever downloaded into a playlist. Even ones I later deleted from playlists. I believe it was called "my songs". It was not a list that I had personally created. It is no longer there. I did not delete it but still checked my deleted playlists. It's not there either. It looks like an update was made. Can I get this list back?


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Hey! Many other people are upset with this too. Unfortunitly with the new update that feature is gone, but if you really want a playlist with all of your songs rather than listen to individual playlist you create, I have a solution. If you have many songs you want this will take a while but it’s still worth it. Simply like all of your songs and they will show up in your “liked songs” playlist Spotify makes for you, and you can shuffle all of those songs. It may take a while and is annoying but it will get you what you want!

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Ohh! This is so upsetting. Sadly, with the latest update the feature is gone. And unfortunately you can't back up the list. But not to be upset! You can like the songs which amaze your ears and they will show up in Liked Songs permanently.

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Another thing you can do if you want to keep the downloaded aspect of those songs is to just like all the songs you want to keep downloaded, like the others suggested before, and then go onto your "liked songs" playlist and swipe the button on the right to download all of them! Therefore, they won't be in any specific playlist, but you will be able to have dowloaded songs that you want to hear! Hope this helped.