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My spotify and facebook accounts wont connect??

My spotify and facebook accounts wont connect??



I have tried connecting my facebook account to my spotify account for a while now without any results... I have tried to connect them on my iphone, on my macbook and a windows pc. In my settings, the handling of facebook information is enabled.


When i try to connect them, nothing happens. For example, i try to connect on my iphone app, i press the link to facebook button, facebook opens and it says (translated from my native, so not sure what it says exactly in english) "you have logged before in to the spotify application on facebook-credentials. do you want to continue?" which i find kinda weird? Lets say i try to log out and log in with my facebook account it just tells me that its not connected to a spotify account -> i log back in with my spotify username, and the link to facebook- option is available again?


Only thing i can think of, is that i have made a new facebook account a few years ago. Before that, i had my old facebook connected to my spotify account (i disconnected them long before i made a new fb, and i made that back in 2015...


"edit": haha, having huge problems trying to upload this, it just gives me error with no highlights (i did add a label) AND some weird asl artist are appearing on my profile on my recently, i dont even know what language their name is... Maybe someone from i dont know, slovakia is using my account. I love spotify for all the recaps and suggested music etc, but im constantly having problems when it comes to stuff like this, prob will change to apple music if things wont start working (i tried it last summer for a few months and had 0 problems)

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I think i actually just fixed this (but am now facing ANOTHER problem), i suddenly remembered my old fb account credentials, and i logged in there, logged out and back in on spotify and it showed me the option of unlinking my facebook, did it and got my new fb linked and seems to be working.


But it still does not show my name, still just a username. Is this something that wont update instantly? Seems weird if it needs time for that?

Hi @Salami1131 


yes if you have just linked your fb, it should show the name in your fb. do give it 48 hours and if you still dont see it updated, give me a shoutout here. 


Have a good day!

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