My spotify ticker is gone.

My spotify ticker is gone.

A while ago, I wanted to remove some songs I listined to from the facebook Spotify ticker. I clicked the little x(not on the ticker. but next to the song title!) and pressed remove all(cause I am only using spotify for a week or so now. I wanted to remove alot of songs so I guessed, just click remove all).


Now the ticker is gone. I have tried everything, reinstall spotify, dissconnect account and reconnecting from within desktop app, remove app in facebook and readding it. Nothing makes it go back. It only shows song I listined to in the facebook ticker. and it removes previous played song when I play a new one.


When I go to a friends timeline, and I hover over his Spotify Ticker and I click +Add App. It says App already connected Press Okay to continue.

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Mine says the same thing. People can't see what I am listening to.

I also cant see my friend listening to songs off my playlist...any ideas? she also cant see what im listening to anymore..

Same thing here - in my "activity log" it shows the 1 last song I listened to but the box for spotify is gone - I can add / delete the other boxes (top tracks, etc.) - want the "recent tracks" box back. 

We've noticed that the Music box on Facebook is a little leaner than when first implimented - Here's currently what I see with one set of options.


Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 1.37.29 PM.png


Now, if I change the settings in the Activity Log, this box can change. To change it, go to your Timeline and then click on "Activity Log", then select Music in the drop down menu in the upper right. Click on the gear / cog below this, and then you can change which ones you wish to be shown. I unchecked Top Playlists and Top Artists and selected Listened To and Top Albums.


Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 1.42.36 PM.png


Hope this explains a little more. 

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I played with the activity log settings for "music" and "spotify" - neither gives a ticker that shows "recently played tracks" - this is the only ticker I actually want , a running list of what I am currently listening to - currently I have "#songs", "top artists", and "top albums" which are fine - in activity log all of my options are checked, but even when you go to the actual spotify or music pages "recently played" does not show up - which makes me think it is reporting weird - although the 1 most recent song does show up in my LARGE activity log (with me MapMyRun, DrawMyThing, Recent LIkes, etc.). 

Richard explained a little more about the same issue right here -

I can confirm I'm getting the same results as well - It seems that Recently Played Tracks doesn't appear to be available on Facebook at the moment.

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