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My whole library has disappeared

My whole library has disappeared



This morning i woke up with my whole Spotify library deleted. There's absolutely no more music, as if i was starting with a new account. I didn't do anything special..


I've got the same problem on my laptop & iPhone. Everything has just disappeared. Already tried to unconnect & connect again. Do you know who to get my music back ?





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Hey there @nsbel and welcome to the community!


That is odd. Did you change something in the way you logged in perhaps? You chould contact Spotify to check if a member of the staff can do some magic and bring your music back. To do that, use the contact form or via their Twitter account @SpotifyCares. Just make sure that after you've sent it, should you receive an automatic email directing you back to the help pages, to reply to it (even if it's a no-reply!).

Support usually gets back within 24-48 hours 🙂


Let me know how this worked!



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