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NUS Extra discount transfer to a new account

NUS Extra discount transfer to a new account

I created a new account because I dislike being connected through/with Facebook, not to mention the aggresively transparent privacy settings on Spotify's end. Thank god Facebook is not mandatory anymore!


Thats why I created a new account. Problem is apparently my NUS extra discount is linked to my first account and hence unusable on my new one. Can I transfer the discount to my current account?



EDIT: I just saw you can delete your account, if I delete my old one would that do the trick?

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Hey there, get in touch here and one of our support team will get back to you as soon as they can. They'll be able to remove your discount/delete your original account so you can use the same NUS number with your new account.


If you get an automated response from that form, reply back to it directly.


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