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Navigating the digital landscape of Spotify

Navigating the digital landscape of Spotify

Who is your studio design director or creative lead?


I am absolutely amazed. I work in the design industry so I know all about cutting edge UI/UX/SD/BD work, but I've never seen market dominance look like this on a digital landscape.


Here are my user journey failures within just a few hours of using Spotify as an above average net user, I left out 3 which were outlier cases that are understandable but the rest are incredible:


1. I was given a username I don't like, never prompted to choose one, I have discovered it is impossible to change it.

2. Control + F searching 'help' 'contact us' 'support' lead to nothing on the home page, it's buried in the hamburger menu.

3. The help section is really just a forum with a completely novel interaction design, if there is a way to actually contact Spotify - it's well hidden


I've done over 20 google searches since signing up for Spotify in order to try to get things working - I mean, no worries, this is how it is for most things these days.


But you guys are Spotify, don't you have an internal design team? Have you been iterating? Do you do agile design or kanban for issues or something? You must do testing, like put someone in a room and have them sign-up for Spotify with cameras and just watch them try to get it going.


Maybe you have a massive platform replacement you're about to drop, I can't wait for it.


In the meantime, it's back to good old google and the kindness of strangers to find out how to use your product. And I suppose I'll have to look at that ugly automatically generated user name forever - unless of course I find a post on reddit which tells me how to hide it!

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Hello @user-removed!


Thanks for coming to the Community. I'm sorry to hear something's wrong with your Spotify. No worries though, I'll be here to help 🙂


When you sign up for Spotify and create your account, you should be given the possibility to choose a username, as explained in this Support article. If you don't choose one, you'll get an auto generated username. However, you should have been able to choose your username when singing up.


Unfortunately at this time it is not possible to change an account’s username. The closest you can get is to link your Spotify account to your Facebook profile so that your Facebook display name is the one shown on your account.

If you are really desperate to change your username, it is possible to create a new account!


 As far as how to access the "Help"/"Contact us" option, it's not currently possible to use the ctrl-F shortcut for that. However, you can press F1 to access the help page. Ctrl-F is used to filter (in Songs and Playlists). If you'd like not to see this option under the three bars menu, I'd recommend heading to our Community Ideas Exchange. That way, the changes you propose, will get votes and comments by users and Community Moderators.


In the help page ( you can find Support articles, you can also access the Community from there. If you'd like to contact Spotify, you can go to the bottom of the page and click "Contact Spotify" in the "Useful Links" section. You can find more info on how to contact Spotify here.


Hope this helps and make sure to let me know if you have any other questions!

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