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Need Help Resubscribing

Need Help Resubscribing

Hi I have been trying to restart my service and I keep getting a error message I'm not logged in . I logged in select account and it has resubscribe button . I can see all my billing info so I hit button and it says I need to put in FB password on next page . It loads and then gives me the oops you not logged in message . I don't know what to do .I have tried to log out and log back in and it still won't work. Never had prob before if I unsubscribed and resubscribed . Thanks
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What device/OS are you using?

Try using a different browser, and/or logging into facebook before attempting to login to Spotify.


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I use an iPhone 5. Os is up to date. Never had a problem before with this browser. I was a premium user before and stopped service last month but decided to resubscribe. Now what do I do

I have a HTC Inspire phone which what I was using before to try and resubscribe . I went and tried to resubscribe using my Kindle Fire and I am still getting the same message ... Not sure why it won't recognize me as being logged in.

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