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Need clarity regarding upgrades/etc

Need clarity regarding upgrades/etc

I signed up for the student aqddition. It debited the amount of my checking account and placed me on a free trial. I have emailed Spotify regarding this and have not had any response (it has been over a week now). My question is.....

1.) Am I paying for a subscription or not? (it says i'm on the free one)

2.) How would one know if they have 2 subscriptions? (not much clarity in finding this information out)

3.) Do I Re upgrade and see if that works? I don't wnat to be double charged

4.) What is the cause for this issue? I originally signed up and did the upgrade (student version) - I didn't complete the transaction as I got pulled away from my desk. I did complete the process of adding my payment information in though. I assumed the screen timed out. (is this not a fair assumption?) Instead it charged my account and placed me on the free version. When I try to upgrade it asks for all my payment information again. I am SOOO confused and frustrated as no one will respond back to me to clarify!


I really like this app and want to continue using it but right now as it stands I am really skeptical about continuing on. HELP!

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Hello @e911corbin, welcome to the Community!


1.) and 2.) You can check your subscription status at the following page:



3.)  If the overview page says you are using Spotify Free, you can try it again with a different browser.


4.) The cause of this issue can be you didn't complete the whole subscribing process. Another cause can be a more technical issue can be a temporary issue with your browser.


I hope I have cleared all things up for you.







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