Need help retrieving my acount..

Need help retrieving my acount..








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I had my account connected to Facebook. I delete my Facebook account and so I decide to unlink it with my Spotify. I didn't have a problem for a while until I wanted to log onto my new computer (was only signed in on iPhone). Somehow my account got logged out on my iPhone and now I do not have access to it. I was on a family plan for premium and now I can't use that either. I don't really care about not being able to use the premium as I can buy it myself. I just want my old account back so I can have all my saved songs and my playlists back. 


When I unlinked my account from Facebook, I did not have a way to sign in anymore. I can still view my profile by looking up my account but I want it back. Has this happened to anyone before and is there a way to get my account back?

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Hey there @jmabe,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. We'll gladly shed some light on this.

When you unlink a Spotify account from Facebook you can still use the email address (or username) and password to log in. If the account was created via Facebook, the email address used for logging in was imported from there.

Keep in mind that any changes to the email on Facebook wouldn't have been taken up by your Spotify account. You can find more information on how to use Spotify without Facebook here.

If you don't remember your login email address, this page can give you some useful tips on how to access your account. 


Keep us posted! We'll be here in case you need any further help with this. 

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