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Need older spotify for windows 7

Need older spotify for windows 7

The 0.9 version of Spotify is nothing but a step backwards. Less readability, too much contrast between dark and light pages and with less overview as a result.

How do I get back to the 0.8 version of Spotify. And without Spotify automaticly updating the version to horrible 0.9?

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I´ve tried it, but i can´t find Go to C:/Users/<Name>/Appdata/Roaming/Spotify

That´s shy I think it´s got something to do with me using win 7

Hi stephau! Welcome to the Spotify Community.


Please note that due to the security features that came along with Windows 7, you will not be able to typically view the AppData folder in the Windows Explorer because it is hidden. The folder is there, you just can't see it right now.


You may have to manually input it into the navigation bar or change your folder options to be able to view hidden files and directories.

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I should have guessed. We´re talking Microsoft here. Well, I´ll dig into it, shouldn´t be a problem. I´m willing to do a lot of work to get my old Spotify back. Thanks!

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