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Need to pay with visa or mastercard gift card (not Spotify gift card)

Need to pay with visa or mastercard gift card (not Spotify gift card)

Too much to get into here, but bottom line is  I am in the US need to pay with visa or mastercard gift cards.  I want to do family plan, and Spotify cards (for some evil reason) can't be used to pay for a SPOTIFY family plan.


Now, I've done this before.  A couple years ago, I had a subscription for over 6 months, and used MC

gift cards with no problems.  However, many of the gift cards have changed.


Gift card must be:


1)  Enabled for online transactions

2)  Enabled for recurring payments

3)  Enabled for use outside the US


Recently, most of the visa or mc gift cards at Walmart, Walgreens, etc have enacted new restrictions that say US only.  I have verified that vanillacard, for instance, does NOT work now on Spotify for this reason.  All the cards from and several others are similarly handicapped now.  It seems that the vast majority of gift cards now have these restrictions, so...


Who knows of a visa or MC gift card that does work?  The only ones I'm seeing would need to be physically mailed, so definitely preferable if theire is a national chain somewhere I can go  to locally... or an online retailer that can do virtual delivery.


Please note, these must be GIFT cards, (not prepaid or other requiring SSN).

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Hey there,

We're afraid that's not possible at the moment, but we'll let our team know you'd like to see some more payment options.


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