Need to recover deleted playlists


Need to recover deleted playlists

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As I was syncing my iPod, a couple of my playlists got deleted. The time was around 1:40pm - 1:45pm PDT. The name of the playlist was aurora live sets and I do not remember the others that got deleted. Can you help me recover these please? Also, is there a way to prevent this from happening again? I want to delete playlists from the iPod, but not my computer's Spotify, and it happened multiple times.


*** I usually go to the "Deleted a Playlist?" thread to recover my playlists, but it won't let me Reply to the thread.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Need to recover deleted playlists

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Have a read at the official playlist recovery topic for instructions on how to recover your playlist, they have changed since you last used it I guess! ;) 


As for deleting playlists, be aware they are connected to your Spotify account so deleting the playlist anywhere whilst logged into your account will remove it from all of your other devices. 


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