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Need to speak with a HUMAN that represents Spotify; regarding my premium account

Need to speak with a HUMAN that represents Spotify; regarding my premium account

Does anyone know a phone number or email address I can use to contact a Spotify representative? I have a very specific question about my premium account, and I cannot find any helpful information in the FAQs and Guides. I need to discuss my issue privately in email or over the phone. Thanks!

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I have the same problem -- it's like there's no "there" there. No one home. No contact info.  I'll tell you what: if I find out how to contact them, I'll tell you, if you do the same for me. Deal?



I'm with you! No one responds. No contact info. As soon as I can log into my account again I'll go back to Rhapsody or switch to Rdio. This company has horrible customer support!

See my previous post.... I found a submission form.  We'll see if they respond, however....



That's the problem man. They don't respond as if it means anything to them. I have now, with your link, sent 4 requests to "support" and received confrimation from their automated system that they have received my requests with no response going beyond 72 hours now.


This is the same "support" that took 4 days to respond when they "merged" my account with another user by mistake. How does that even happen?  My cerdit card information was "given" to another user. Not the specific information but they now had my unlimited account. I had to  prove that it was their mistake. I thought at the time it may have been a unique situation, and now I've seen a pattern of incompitence or more likely a lack of concern for their user base.


I pay a company for a service and I expect a timely response to problems with that service that I pay for. I cannot name another time I have had this lack of support for a subscription based service.


Not trying to be high and mighty, but how can a company with this large of a user base not provide basic tech support? I've never seen it before.

Hi passresetpls,


Sorry to see you feel so negatively. 


Could you please let me know your case number? It'll start with #.


Once I have this, I'll take a look to see what's going on with your support request. 





Hello Grace,


Could you please have someone take a look at my case ( Spotify Case # 02332877 )

, I can't login and have tried everything. No response from anyone at spotify for 48 hours other than an automated reply telling me what I alread said. I am now paying for a service which I cannot access. Very disappointed with customer service here.


Kind regards,





I have forwarded your post to the support team at Spotify. Hopefully someone will be in contact soon.

Thanks for your patience.

MattSudaSpotify Star
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Hi @BiscuitsPtinkn. I've given our Support team a heads up regarding your case. They'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Spotify Case # 03645928  I need help with my case. I have been a premium user for 3 years, and now it kicked me down to a free user because I lost my credit card. I have been trying to pay for either a premium or a student account (I am actually a student) but spotify is not responding to the information I put into the payment page.

Ok so i was contacted via email, and they told me to try it in incognito mode, and it finally worked, thank you!

I need to talk to someone who can help me with my Spotify account

I'm about done using Spotify. I cancelled my premium days before it was supposed to go through so I could afford my phone but I was still charged and my phones now shut off and I get charged extra if I don't pay on time. So because Spotify doesn't have a speedy contact method or really any method at all I won't be able to turn my phone back on. Thanks Spotify! Still haven't heard anything back from them and still being charged! At least I can warn my friends not to join and avoid similar problems.

No **bleep**! I want to talk with a real person.these **bleep**ers keep charging me for **bleep** I don't have!


Have you figured this out yet because I am stuck in the same loop with no help. Can't reset password or access my account and just keep getting sent back to the spotify community "support" which is not even close to helping

How so I find out a case number?


Eventually I figured it out, but it has been so long, I've forgotten. I did
hear back from them. My usual strategy is to pretend I'm a NEW customer -
most companies are heavily focused on new sales, versus support. Sorry
you're having this experience, too.

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