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Need to speak with someone at spotify

Need to speak with someone at spotify

I need a contact number for spotify. My subscription has been charging me twice for over 4 months, and the solution posted in the forums is not helpful because does not apply to my situation since this occurs every month. I need to speak to actual person at spotify. But where is the contact info?

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You can get in touch with the spotify support team by using the online contact form or by tweeting @SpotifyCares on twitter. 


If you get an auto reply back directing you to the help pages, just reply directly to that email (even if its from no-reply) and one of the employees will get back to you as soon as possible.

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How do you get in contact with them if you don't use twitter?

I advise you to seek out MEREDITH... This user is the spotify community manager and most likely to know how to assist you, as she has done for me several times... if she does... be sure to give kudos lol........ I wish I could be of more assistance than this but she will most certainly know more to address your issue than anyone else in the community

what is the number to speak with an agent directly?

There IS NO WAY TO REACH SPOTIFY.  They want to take $120 a year from and then provide ZERO customer support.  Very disappointed in this service.

Come on now. Customer service is Dead!!!
I just need to speak to a live person.

Having worked with computer and phone clients at American Express on the VIP desk, know the urgency of having to solve an issue in timely manner to obtain client RETENTION!

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