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New Canadian User - Can't subscribe


New Canadian User - Can't subscribe



I was just invited to join Spotify from Canada. I set up my account all fine, but when I go to start the free trial I get "Purchase is currently not available" for both Paypal and Credit Card. There was no note saying whether or not Canadians can subscribe yet, so I'm assuming this is a unexpected error.


Any help would be great.



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I have been trying to subscribe and I am also in Canada. I literally tried everything and it didn't work. I am now using Google Play Music All Access.

My tip is to sign up with Google Play Music All Access. I did and it's great. I literally tried everything to get subscribed and pay Spotify and it won't let me. I too am in Canada and have the same postal code issue, or should I say, I had an issure, not any longer with Google.

i TRIED IT IN ALL CAPS, didn't work. I tried with and without the space in the postal code and it didn't work. I uninstalled Spotify and reinstalled and that didn't work. I tried everything that I could troubleshoot and read about the problem and nothing worked.

I want Spotify for the offline play and better iOS support. I use an IPod in my car. Google sucks in that area.

Just uninstalled all my spotify apps and paid for google play music. Works great offiline for android phones.

@blockza wrote:

Just uninstalled all my spotify apps and paid for google play music. Works great offiline for android phones.

Does Google Play have a radio feature?  That's really the thing that I'm most interested in.  I like being able to just hit "play" and get a nice mix of music, Spotify does that well enough minus the ads, but obviously Spotify doesn't want me to be a customer.

Google does have a good radio feature. It gets even better the more you
rate preferences.

I have the same problem

I have the same problem.

I have the same problem

I have the same problem.

I actually used Google Music before I came to spotify. I was disappointed
about the music options on Google, that's why I switched to Spotify.

Does anyone else have that problem?

Has anyone by chance tried putting the postal code in ALL CAPS?   LOL!

It is not working for me, even when I do put it in all caps, it keeps asking for a proper zip code. Even when I have my country set as canada it will not work!

Just plain awful support whether it's on here, on twitter or on their contact form. Considering we are customers that are trying to pay them money and subscribe, I'll take my business elsewhere to a company that actual cares.

I am entering my Canadian postal code in with all capitals and the message 'enter a valid zip code' is still apearing. What should I do?

So it took over a week but I finally got a reply from Spotify acknowledging the problem.  No solution was offered but at least it wasn't yet another email saying to try all caps.  They also gave me a free month of perium, which is what Google Play does for everyone, but its a step forward at least.


I'm glad hundreds of other people has the same issue as me. Otherwise I would have been just left out in the cold. Its curious that a company with no customer support got so popular. 

Well wheres my free month..  cause I have already transferd all my playlists to Rdio. Very close to headin over to the dark side.. SPOTIFY HELLLLOOOOOOOO

This is pretty emberessing.

I have been raving about my spotify premium account to everyone, telling them how great it is.

I Gifted my Canadian friend 6 months of spotify 3 days ago and he hasn't been able to put his postal code in. Frankly I am emberessed... I have been talking up spotify to everyone, and now this?

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Experienced the same issue for three days, was finally able to subscribe a few minutes ago. Used Google Chrome browser in Incognito mode, entered postal code in lowercase without spaces, as advised by their support team.

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