New Idea: not possible to contribute


New Idea: not possible to contribute



Plan Premium

Country Germany

Operating System Windows 10

Firefox Version: 78.4.1esr

Chrome Version: 89.0.4389.82


My Question or Issue:



how can I post a new idea in the 'Idea Exchange' area of the spotify community?


I've tried it with already logged in spotify credentials, no incognito mode and fully enabled javascript (checked with firefox and chrome).


According to Spotify Answers -> Idea Exchange: How can I submit an idea? ( ) -> Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Continue and Post’.


But there is at the bottom of the page no ‘Continue and Post’ (neither on the 'Idea Exchange: How can I submit an idea?' nor on the


After some search in the spotify community I found this: 'Where exactly can I post new ideas?' ( In some of the answers from 2013 there is a hint that one have to post two community posts before in order to earn credits which in turn qualify him to post a new idea.


And there is a post of tinyjams Music Fan ‎2020-06-26 02:17 who claims that he cannot post new ideas after many posts in the spotify community.


If there is really a credits system as requirement for contributing to the spotify community: doesn't it contradict to the claim of which states: "Every user can suggest an idea ..."?


So finally: Is this a bug or a feature that there is no button for me to suggest a new idea in the Ideas area?


Thanks in advance

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Hi there!

To submit a new idea, you search something in the search bar in the community. Scroll down, and you'll see three options, and there should be the option to submit a brand new idea.

Hope this helps!

After I posted this, I found out that it sounds rather confusing. To clarify, you need to search "something" in the search bar, then scroll down on the results page.