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New Update Sucks, How to switch it back

New Update Sucks, How to switch it back








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This New Update SUCKS! I've never posted on here before but after today I can't help it. I personally e-mailed Spotify Support explaining my frustration. After that I found this website and started reading about how unhappy everyone else is too. Well, thankfully, my brother helped me get the old version back. And I want to share that information with all of you.


<link removed>


Uninstall your current version of Spotify.

Go to Google Playstore and disable all automatic updates.

Then go to this website and download version 7.9. 

Problem solved


6 Replies

The A-Holes removed the link! I am out of Spotify after this billing cycle ends. They are losing tons of people because of this idiotic update. F U Spotify! I hope you go Bankrupt

Why do they even have to change the format when they update! IF IT AINT BROKE DONT FIX IT!!!!  Too bad its broke now...

Is there a fix for Amazon users? I’m going to cancel my premium subscription today. On the Amazon firetv Spotify app it won’t even finish playing one song & then it forces the app to restart.

For Sure I am f*u*c*k*ing done with spotify. If I wanted a shitty playlist based app I would have downloaded Pandora. Looks like I might as well do so. Here I come YouTube and Pandora. Eat a bag of male genetalia Spotify.

I wish I could roll back! Apple does not have that option. What was Spotify doing? If they don't fix it soon I'll just move to Apple Music. If I have to hate a layout might as well do it on a program that is made by Apple for Apple. I've been happy for years. But no songs category? They added podcasts? Is that a thing on Spotify? And I can't find the radio stations tab without going to an artist or song. Why? Spotify don't lose me as a customer but I will leave if this isn't fixed. I know to you one customer doesn't matter but wait until more follow suit. 

I think their is a way for Apple users to rollback app versions. If you want I can try and find a link that explains how. Doesn't suck any less tho.

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