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New update June 2019 sucks SWITCH IT BACK


New update June 2019 sucks SWITCH IT BACK





LG Stylo 4





The update for june 2019 android sucks i logged in and the layout is different listed by albums not songs which is stupid and I have premium whoever thought is an **bleep**! and should be fired I'm not able to enjoy my music like I want to know I got to search through albums and albums so NO ITS NOT A GOOD IDEA and I'm not the only one who feels this way SO SWITCH IT BACK! it stays this way I'm going to a better app which let's me enjoy my music and can search through the library with ease and I'm not the type to complain at all yet you messing with how I listen to my music...SO AGAIN CHANGE IT BACK IT WAS FINE THE WAY IT WAS PERIOD.

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**bleep** yes I was like "where are my saved Artists" "why I am having to follow the again". Spotify please stop changing the UI and make actual improvements like a "remove from playlist" button.

I agree just switch it back! None of the other spotify updates were ever this bad. In fact they usually mad improvements and were more user friendly.  This is just a step backwards! I enjoy seeing all my songs and sometimes just listening  my library of songs on shuffle and now I can't do that. As a loyal premium subscriber if they don't fix UI they will certainly be losing my bussiness.  Please fix it spotify you have turned many loyal customers into very frustrated ones. 


For reference this new update just took effect as of 6/19/19 on my Samsung Galaxy S9+





I agree as well, Spotify keeps pissing me off. I liked keeping a list of recently played albums and now that appears gone, it’s a giant pain in the **bleep** to my Spotify experience. 

I know this is mostly about the mobile app but you could you please also revert this back on the desktop version as well. I kept thinking that I was losing my saved songs off of albums and it turns out that they're just not being displayed because you made the worst design choice ever. If I got to albums I should still be able to see the album cover even if I only have one song saved from it. It seems ridiculous that I have to scroll through the Songs list just to find one song.

If you're going to make us save the entire album just so it shows up can you at least provide and option that plays only checked songs?

I'm seriously looking into other streaming options because this new change is endlessly frustrating. 

Why? Why change this - it was ideal before.  It was useful!


I could find new music and download it and have it easy to find.


I don't want to follow any musicians, especially if they're someone I'm downloading to listen to for the first time.  


How do I roll my app back?  This needs fixing asap or I'm moving to someone who doesn't muck up their users experience because they've got nothing better to do

SOLUTION: once in your 'Liked Songs', click the three dots in the top right corner, and there is an option to 'Find in Liked Songs' where you can search like before. 


I agree this is whack but at least there is a hack solution. Hope this helps the peeps. 

I totally agree, this update is appalling. The recently played list has just disappeared! (yes, we know it's on the home screen but it's not a list and only has about 12 artists/albums!) CHANGE IT BACK TO EXACTLY HOW IT WAS!


I am now spending my day at work manually following c150 artitsts, 1 by 1 - none of whom I want to 'follow', just so I can access my music the way I want to. 


I have c4,000 'liked' songs - I don't want a 4000 song playlist! I like listening to artists by the songs I've liked of theirs so.


Fix this chaos!


The suggestion to filter by artist only works for alphabetizing your saved music IF YOU FOLLOW EVERY ARTIST WHOS MUSIC YOUVE EVER SAVED.

And that's why this version is a dismal failure.




The problem is that some of us don't want to follow every artist in our library, but we would still like the individual songs we've 'liked' or 'saved' by them to appear in our library organized by artist, alphabetically. Due to this recent update, there's really no point in 'liking' a single song by an artist if you have no intention of following them.


For example, I love the song 'Purple Lamborghini' by Rick Ross, but I don't like most of his discography, and don't particularly care when/if he releases new music. I would rather the one song I've explicitly indicated that I like to be organized in my library - in alphabetical order, by artist.


Spotify's music discovery features were already the best in the business. I'm not sure why they though they needed to shove new music in our faces on our 'artists' tab when the 'browse' tab was working perfectly.


Really hoping the UX team will see all of the clickstream data showing that people are frustrated/confused in the next week or so and discuss a revert.




I just love how they are not responding to this thread anymore pretending like this update is perfect and everyone likes it 😂😂😂

SPOTIFY HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OF CUSTOMER COMFORT WHEN YOUR MAKING UNNECESSARY CHANGES. It's been days and there's still no resolve or public response I'm seeing anywhere. Everyone is signing out signing back in. Everyone is removing and redownloading or updating the app. My response yesterday about the loadbar at bottom is actually the length of the currently playing song, but, the Ethernet 1996 bicentennial RE-downloading of EVERY SINGLE LIKED & FOLLOWED ARTIST ISNT IN ANY CONVENIENCE OR COMFORT TO ANY SINGLE PAYING CUSTOMER! EXCEPTIONALLY, SINCE IT'S TAKING SO LONG. WITHOUT ANY EMAIL from spotify OR FIX IN WHAT SEEMS TO BE AT LEAST 4/6 DAY PERIOD! Going back through every followed artist *THE SCREEN GOES BLACK*. Up to 3/5 mins for the screen to show artist, then you have to ReDOWNLOAD the favorites/ saved songs from the/each artist screen *THE SCREEN GOES BLACK AGAIN*, taking another 2/5 minutes to download! PLEASE THINK OF CUSTOMER COMFORT NEXT TIME YOUR CO. DOES THIS TO ITS PAYING CUSTOMERS. DONT FIX AINT BROKED? NO COMPLAINING NO STRAINING? why did ya do it? Why don't you fix or answer PUBLICLY?

But what about the recently played? Is there anyway to get that back or is that just completely gone is the dumpster fire of a UI you **bleep** created? (and yes i know it's still there on the home page, but don't play dumb, we both know it's not the **bleep**ing same or really even functional)

I disagree.  I can get used to the cosmetic changes.  one real system change that i love is that you can save an album without saving all the songs against your maximum song save list.  i like hearing an album rather than just a single but i kept running against my saved song cap.  don't think that will be an issue anymore.  thanks guys. (now fix the simultaneous speaker problem and I'll be very happy.)

Totally agree....can't find loads of my albums and nothing is in order...can't find a **bleep** thing.

Awful update that needs to be reversed immediately. I've recently been hacked too so not loving Spotify at the moment. I'm a premium member but that will be changing shortly if they dont sort this soon.

This new update is absolute garbage. Spotify has succeeded in making the app worst in the midst of other music streaming apps be coming popular. If this last update is not fixes I will unsubscribe and try someone else.


I 100% agree with everything people have posted on here. I have saved songs from  1500+ artist and none of them come up on my phone now. If your telling me I have to go like all the artists to be able to see the songs I like you are effing crazy. especially since everyone else is saying they don't even come up in alphabetical order. I have spent 5 years building my library in spotify.  I don't listen to playlists  except ones I make because I discover music organicly based on my own moods, feelings and taste, not your trash algerithems. 


Also I don't know if this is the case because I am not going to mess with the BS you put up but If by liking an artist to show my favorited songs shows me all the artist music that would be awful too. In many cases I like only 1 or 2 songs from an artis while in other cases I like over 50 songs from an artist. Regardless of where on the scale an artist lies I want to listen to the songs I like from them not the songs that I have purpously left out of my library.


Spotify has always done a pretty good job in the past but this is maybe the worst decition a music streaming service could make. Please fix it now and fire whoever made the decition to design this update like this.



The new update is trash. Roll back.

How can you prevent it from auto updating on Android??


It just auto updated again and 2 seconds with that horrible ui is dreadful, I swear only a complete moron who doesn't even use this app gave this the ok


Using Google until this gets fixed

This new library interface is really inconvenient. Songs I saved and arists I follow are now seperated out, why was this done? It's much more difficult to go through my library now. Is anything being done to fix this? When are you going to change it back or give users the ability to use the older library?

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