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New update June 2019 sucks SWITCH IT BACK


New update June 2019 sucks SWITCH IT BACK





LG Stylo 4





The update for june 2019 android sucks i logged in and the layout is different listed by albums not songs which is stupid and I have premium whoever thought is an **bleep**! and should be fired I'm not able to enjoy my music like I want to know I got to search through albums and albums so NO ITS NOT A GOOD IDEA and I'm not the only one who feels this way SO SWITCH IT BACK! it stays this way I'm going to a better app which let's me enjoy my music and can search through the library with ease and I'm not the type to complain at all yet you messing with how I listen to my music...SO AGAIN CHANGE IT BACK IT WAS FINE THE WAY IT WAS PERIOD.

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The new update SUCKS!!!! How am I supposed to navagate through my music when I can’t see my songs???? In the order I downloaded them? This is the actual worst update ever and I don’t think I can handle using Spotify anymore unless it gets fixed. Seriously an awful choice.


Writing comments in these threads doesn't lead to any sort of action at all. It'll just get buried or closed.

Might suggest going to your app store to voice your concerns and give Spotify a rating showing how appreciated the changes are.

My biggest annoyance is the heart icon. The heart should NOT be used (in my opinion) to save a single song as an album. That's stupid. The heart should have either stayed in it's own section (playlist) like it was, or used along with the radio.

1. extremely slow

2. downloads to android disappear 

have to rediwnload daily

3. liked songs playlist takes up yo a minute to initialize

4. pushing next button ir scrolling left ir right takes up to 20 secs to play song... 

skipping songs plays each one for 10 secs, then the next, then the next




I'm so angry about this update. I just used up all my data because I can't effectively sort songs by download. The ONLY thing keeping me on Spotify is my friends' playlists. The Apple Music UI is now so much better than this.

Why would you not list artist or albums in alphabetical order!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Sometimes I can't remember the name of the song I want to listen to... Now trying to search for something is a complete waste of time. The service is great the new UI absolutely SUCKS!

Where is this 'Filter' you speak of? Running latest version of iOS on an iPhone X


Completely agree that this new sorting method/UI is absolute trash. It's one of the big reasons I stopped my Tidal subscription; theirs is the same way.
I just spent weeks moving my library (5500+ songs) from Apple Music to Spotify because of the better cross-platform support and web browser playback capability that Spotify offers. With this new update (that completely ruins the library experience) I have decided to stick with Apple Music. It's quite a shame since I wasted so many hours on it. 


FWIW, I was fully prepared to switch to Spotify knowing full well my owned music wouldn't be able to be transferred from my computer to my phone and show up in the Spotify app. This was a big thing for me but I felt the benefits to Spotify (over Apple Music) outweighed that one negative.


The ONLY reasons to keep Spotify are that I get my Hulu subscription for less than going straight to Hulu, and I can access Spotify from my work computer. Otherwise I'd be cancelling my Spotify immediately. 

Terrible new update so much more confusing and hard to use. I hate that I cant search through all my downloaded songs under artists. I have way too much music to go through all liked songs or albums. artists is the easiest way to look through my music but now I have to follow each artist. Why in the **bleep**??? So annoying 

Terrible system please bring back artists category like it was I dont want to have to follow every artist I've already liked a song of. So dumb

this is absolute trash, I don't even understand why theses modifications have been made, everything used to work perfectly fine, now it's total bs, please do something...


If i hadn't something like 5 years of music saved on the app i'll have switched to deezer the day after the update.


it's sad because that's one the 3 or 4 apps i use most of the time

I’m not interested in having to re learn how to navigate the app just because you decide to change the interface every week. This is no longer the product I originally paid for. I will be cancelling my membership, this is ridiculous 

A lot of you guys are just one big drama queen! I don't understand the big upset? Every single software developer makes changes! It's a fact of computer life! I don't see this change as a whole big deal. It is in essence the same application, with a few things added on. Why are you guys so upset, just because Spotify added podcasts? So, you don't like podcasts........ But a lot of people do...... I would never change over to any other streaming service, taking the chance of loosing a bunch of music I've worked so hard to collect. That is a very childish move some of you are making. I highly suggest you rethink that.

Yes i mean honesly who thought this was a good idea,

It makes it so much harder now to find your playlists and what you recently played, i mean a lot of the times you are driving or something where you cant be on your phone so it was always nice to know you could go back and ad or listen to that song again. Now,, no no now you have to watch the phone like a hawk. 


Sorry guys but I really hate the new update it is absolute rubbish, really makes me wonder what kind of people thinks this is a good version seriously its 2019 and technology is so refined and you drop something like this. Very sloppy


It has nothing to do with podcasts being added....

This new update has made it harder for people to find music within their library, especially those who have a larger collection. It has also changed the way you save music. Plus, they’ve removed the alphabetical scroll that would have made the other changes much more bearable.

Yes, software developers do make changes. But, those changes are made to make the users’ experience even more pleasant, make it more accessible. This update did the opposite. They “fixed” something that wasn’t broken. That is what everyone is upset about.

So stupid how it now won't allow you to download certain songs if they're on an album - makes you download the entire album. I used this service a lot for downloaded music and now it's very annoying to use and frustrating as I can't download the specific songs i want. User interface on this update is also terrible - the old experience was a million times better. Terrible update Spotify.


One year ago, on July 5, 2018 (2018-07-05), Spotify test drove some of the features that they would later implement in this cursed June update. Guess what - people didn't like the changes they tried to make then. In fact, you can read for yourself how it all went down. Throw this into your search bar:


[All Platforms][Your Music] Go Back to Saving Music to "Songs" Instead of "Favourite Songs"


Also here is an appropriate GIF:






Meanwhile, I'm conducting the labour-intensive process of moving my music collection. Soon Spotify will be in my rearview mirror.

  • ALONG time ago man worked out that to be organised, filing information in ALPHABETICAL ORDER made it quick and easy to access and locate. It seems that level of common sense DOESN'T exist at SPOTIFY. Thankyou to the IMBOCILES that allowed this current ridiculous update to go thru...Put it back to how it was STUPIDFY !!!

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