New update June 2019 sucks SWITCH IT BACK


New update June 2019 sucks SWITCH IT BACK






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The update for june 2019 android sucks i logged in and the layout is different listed by albums not songs which is stupid and I have premium whoever thought is an **bleep**! and should be fired I'm not able to enjoy my music like I want to know I got to search through albums and albums so NO ITS NOT A GOOD IDEA and I'm not the only one who feels this way SO SWITCH IT BACK! it stays this way I'm going to a better app which let's me enjoy my music and can search through the library with ease and I'm not the type to complain at all yet you messing with how I listen to my music...SO AGAIN CHANGE IT BACK IT WAS FINE THE WAY IT WAS PERIOD.

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This layout is absolutely awful. There is no place for me to see a complete lists of all my songs on one single alphabetical list. And the artists tab only has a few of the artists that I have saved. It’s a partial list and it sucks. Same with the Albums tab. The old layout was much better. I used to be able to see a COMPLETE list of my artists I have saved an a complete lists of all my songs in alphabetical order. This update is trash. 

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I strongly agree. Not only that, it's so much slower, and far less responsive now. Sometimes I will press back, nothing will happen, the I'll press back once again, and then it'll bring me back two pages. In addition to that, I will often tap on a song, and nothing will happen. I'm sure this was an update to prevent accidentally tapping a song, but I've had more issues with the unresponsiveness than I've ever had with accidentally playing a song. The podcast tab isn't as much of an issue for me, but I miss the "recently played" area below the albums and such. But really none of this matters nearly  as much as my biggest problem.



This new shuffle algorithm is absolutely atrocious. I don't know why anyone had this idea, it's absolutely horrible. When I hit shuffle, I WANT A SHUFFLE! Not 4 or 5 songs by the same artist in a row. At least add shuffle options so we don't have to deal with the current shuffle. It's really as simple as making it random, I don't know why shuffle has to have an algorithm to it.


I've never once left feedback on Spotify, or really any software at all, but this latest update (the shuffle mainly) has pushed me to leave my feedback because of how poorly it performs. We need a new update ASAP, or at least a reversion to the update before.

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I expect they think we’ll just get used to it and stay. If we are all actually going to drop Spotify we should synchronize our departure from the app all at once.

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I have to mention this as well and it's really really made my spotify experience so much worse in a way that i know it's just going to be irreperable but the new shuffle algorithm does not work for me at all like the old one did. This really changes my entire experience with the playlists i've crafted over the years and I'm honestly too tired and overwhelmed by the onslaught of terrible ideas and interface changes in the new update. Please. Allow us to go back to the old algorithm we've come to love so much in a way that goes beyond words because it really changes the entire experience of listening to music on thius app. Instead of the shuffle based on music sounds (closer to a real shuffle) i have the same artists played over and over again which feels lazy  and isn't what i want. When i listen to music i enjoy the diversity that shuffle brings and not this commercial and tasteless way of listening to music. i DIDN'T notice this until after using the app for a bit after the initial update, but I'm really holding out hope that you will change the update based on all the hatred you've incited, but please RETURN THE OLD ALGORITHM. It's frustrating that you as a company would change something that you would have hoped that people would treasure... the change to the algorithm is HEARTBREAKING.

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Yeah i'm going to leave this app if the algorithm isn't changed back. i don't listen to music by genre so you've just wasted so much of my time working on playlists that i've spent hundreds of hours working on. Stupid me. I had a playlist of 222 songs with over 14 hours of music which used to play beutifully and diverse. Now it's just seperated by the genre and it makes this magical experience i get from listening to music super **bleep**ing shitty. Also, it now only plays the popular songs on the playlist and not the ones i like the most.


Long playlists have been ruined.


Gonna leave this app. This is so whack. This is the push that destroys spotify.

I'll give y'all a week, before i copy my playlists and join a different music app. Super **bleep**.



No. I went to YouTube to find a song I had saved to what would have been "songs"... after first following the artist... to find the song that I had saved.

This new system and language is Orwellian.

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I'm actually thinking about switching to Apple Music. I hate this new interface. It makes it much harder to listen to a certain artist. I HATE hate that you have to follow each and every artist because I want to only see my friends and family under my "following" tab. Not a million artists. I also hate that I have to manually scroll through my lists... I have over 3,000 songs! It takes forever. I need the alphabetical scroll back. WHY DID THEY THINK THAT REMOVING THAT WAS SUCH A BRILLIANT IDEA? It was more useful than anything.  


One of the reasons why I chose spotify was because it was more simple and to the point compared to apple music... but not anymore. CHANGE IT BACK. 

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I suggest people complain directly via their account online with customer service though they only seem to give BS lip service. . I know have a huge folder of "liked" songs". I never like individual songs. 


This was the last response I recieved from Spotify directly.


We know that you've familiarized yourself with the previous update but due to the recent changes made on the Spotify app, this will be the user interface you will be using for now. These changes aren't permanent as we aim to improve the app immensely and easy to use. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon.

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couldn't agree more! I hated it!

honestly, this June update is AWFUL. I like to shuffle through all my songs; the large majority of them aren't linked to any Playlist. Now I log and I have necessarily to choose a Playlist or artist or album. What happened to the full list of songs? Some songs I have I know only by the name (e.g. "goodbye moon"), and that's what I use to search. And, again, I only use spotify shuffling through the whole list of songs. Why on Earth has it disappeared and is there anything I can do to sort this out? Cos if it's no way I'll be able to use this way, spotify has not much use for me. 😕


Who thought a music app without a "songs" tab was a good idea... how? why? 


[Songs tab: all songs, liked songs, saved songs]


Fixed it for you.

You're welcome.

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yeah! a "songs" tab would be an amazing and revolutionary feature, wouldn't it?

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Totally agree! What also grinds my gears is how the shuffle works now. Every time I press another song the shuffle comes off. When every other update kept the shuffle on if you just pressed it once. The whole update is a problem!

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This update is horrific. Please add back recently played in list form I sincerely don’t want to switch to Apple Music but if this isn’t fixed I’m afraid I will have no choice.


this isn’t YouTube, users will not stand to be fed music purely from an algorithm. You’re dealing with a practice that is far more culturally ingrained than new media.


Absolutely hate this update.. if it doesn't get fixed soon I will be cancelling my premium account which sucks because I have years of music. BUT this UI is impossible to use!! If i am offline because I am flying or something its impossible find my recently played playlists. I use a lot of the spotify created playlists so they do not show up under this new UI unless I dig for them. I want the ability to switch between my most recently played playlist... they are most recently played for a reason. Go back or I will switch




Have you f***ers any idea how many artists there are in my library??? I'll have to waste hours following every single mo%%@# fu@#$@#$ one of them just to restore the library to a usable state!!!!!!!!!!!


And that's ONLY for the artists tab! In the albums tab you have to like the whole **bleep** album!!!!!!! I DON'T WANT TO SAVE WHOLE ALBUMS JUST FOR ONE SONG!! IT'S **bleep**ING STUPID! It's like when we had to buy goddam CDs just for a single song! 15 **bleep**ing years ago!!!!!! 


And, if I remember correctly we have a limit to how many songs we can save!!!


This is by far the worst change you have ever made!




Oh and by the way...



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Please see my topic where I compile the main concerns + provide a visual for spotify to understand us better.

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I still am not a big fan of how slow the app is in its current state, but I'm content.


First, i spent $1,500 on a new Pioneer reciever. One of its big selling qualities was the Spotify Connect feature that let me connect Spotify directly to it with WiFi. It was incredibly easy and such a brilliant feature. Less than THREE MONTHS later, Spotify pulled support for every Pioneer reciever and rendered my decision to buy that reciever useless. Why did they do this? F*ck if i know. I never got a good answer.


And now this latest update comes along. I guess they like doing whatever they want and not listening to their subscribers. If this isn't changed back before the end of this billing cycle, I'm out. 


Apple Music here i come. 


It seems that the developers of Spotify don't seem to really care about the overwhelming number of dissatified customers, so I think it may be best that we look into alternatives and just cancel our subscriptions. The lack of any response clearly shows that the developers don't really care that we are this upset about the update. Any suggestions on what's best to use? I just recently started using Deezer. They allow a 15 day risk free trial (without needing a credit card to sign up). It seems very close to back when Spotify was actually good. My only gripe is that it seems to be a lil more "cluttered" or too feature rich. I enjoyed the simplicity of the old Spotify UI and although Deezer does a really good job at mimicking this, I feel like there is just too many options packed into it which make it slightly cubersome. I do recommend everyone checking it out just to see if it suits their needs.


Alternately, I was also curious about Apple Music. Anyone switch over to it yet and have any feedback in comparison to the old Spotify UI? Is there another app worth checking out as well? I'd like to get an idea of what is our best option before I cancel my Premium subscription.


My biggest problem is "recommended albums". Those are songs I added to library so spotify don't need to recommend it for me. Also because of this they destroyed order of my albums.

+ albums in recomended are "mine" but not one song I like but whole album.