New update June 2019 sucks SWITCH IT BACK


New update June 2019 sucks SWITCH IT BACK






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The update for june 2019 android sucks i logged in and the layout is different listed by albums not songs which is stupid and I have premium whoever thought is an **bleep**! and should be fired I'm not able to enjoy my music like I want to know I got to search through albums and albums so NO ITS NOT A GOOD IDEA and I'm not the only one who feels this way SO SWITCH IT BACK! it stays this way I'm going to a better app which let's me enjoy my music and can search through the library with ease and I'm not the type to complain at all yet you messing with how I listen to my music...SO AGAIN CHANGE IT BACK IT WAS FINE THE WAY IT WAS PERIOD.

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I registered my account to the community just to speak on this.


I fell in love with Spotify years ago. I would think of an artist, raid their discography, and press “like” on all the songs that caught my ear. Then, when I wanted to listen to that artist again, I’d go to my Library and have an instantly curated list of that artist’s songs.


Now you guys have forced me to either listen to whole albums, which I hate doing, or make hundreds of playlists for each and every artist, which clutters up my playlist folder and takes a ton of time. Years of curated playlists are inaccessible now.


Please, switch back to the UI that your users have grown to love. It was intuitive and simple. Thank you for hearing our voices and for working hard on an app that true music lovers can depend on.




@NiteOwl Do you have a link for the older versions to download on an iphone? I see this is for android. Thanks!


The new design has made saving certain albums seemingly impossible. For some (usually deluxe) albums that have bonus tracks or demo tracks added to them, I would save only the songs that were part of the original track listing, then from the library, download the album. Now those tracks that I've saved have become "liked," and in my library, what is "saved" is the entire deluxe album, unwanted tracks and all. Worse still is that the entire album is downloaded, and not just the previously "saved" and "liked" tracks.


Does anyone else have this problem with the new design or is there a way to fix it? This makes me want to cancel my premium subscription. 




I agree I want that on the record. GIVE BACK RECENTLY PLAYED. 


AGREED!! The main reason I came here was to see if anyone else felt this way. The alphabetical index on the side saves so much time. At least bring that back, please!


@Alex_Ironside wrote:

Hi, how i can find my "all song" list? I dont want to listen single artist at the time... I want all my song in a list and random it! As no longer available?!?! Please RETURN TO THE OLD SYSTEM THAT DROVE ME CRAZY!!!!!!

Go to online mode then go to your library.  


Go to the playlist tab and where it says "liked songs". That should have all the songs from the artists to downloaded. I had to hit download again so I could listen to them in offline mode.     It's dumb but that's what we have to work with.  


This update is the absolute worst! First off why would you get rid of the side scroller? If anyone has more than 50 songs saved it infuriating to look at your songs! The menus are ugly, dated and minimal! This “update” makes listening to music a chore! Revert back, otherwise it seems Apple Music will be the go to!


What about the fact that it now only lets you save whole albums and not slected songs!? I don't every song from an album, I would like the four that I like, what am I paying for? I cant just go to itunes instead then, and buy what I want?


Also why do i have to follow and artist, what is that supposed to achive? are you guys trying to do instragm but on spoify? give over. 


Liked songs is not all the songs, why isn't there an all songs tab? why did you get rid of that?


This update is awful, just awful. 


They got rid of the all songs tab, no more shuffle all.

You can't save indiviual songs, only full albums.

You can't access any artsits unless you follow them (Why is this a thing? We're not on instragram or twitter, you are a streaming service).

The layout is blocky and childish.

Previously the artist's songs that you liked were saved under the artsit, so if you're in the mood for just some John Mayer, (but only the selected songs you enjoy) easy go find him in the artist section and bam shufle all, I'm bopping along. 

NOW I can't do that. It's either his entire discography on his artist page (including all the live songs I don't want to listen to) or his individual albums to listen to sperately, but no no not the songs I have chosen ALL OF THEM because screw you paying customer, here's all of them because we know better.


This is just such a disappointment from a service that was so superior and now, well now I'm looking at Apple Music and thinking maybe I should leave Spotify and go to Apple Music. 


Never posted but had to come in and say that whoever approved this needs demoted or fired. It's beyond comprehension how someone could ok this update. If it doesn't get changed I'll find a new service


Edit: installed older version, where for Android/note 9 do i disable auto update?


Well, I've been moved to actually activating my account just so I can comment on this. 


This update has removed the feature in Spotify that I value the most, for absolutely no sensible reason.  It's truly awful, and I hope the update gets reverted (or the missing features are re-implimented) as soon as possible.  


Why change something that was working fine?  Who is this update catering to, and how did removing features that allow for ease of sorting and finding music (you know, music I know I like and may not be able to remember in the moment, that isn't an automatically generated playlist)? 


I literally made this **bleep** account to say how **bleep** this update it. I use spotify all the time, went to listen to my recently play (you know that list of like... God knows how many albums, not the 5 on home) and its changed. 


The new interface is just so horrible. At least let me choose which one I want!


So confused why they changed the look and feel once again without any fundamental updates. 

Where are all the so called community ideas being added to this app?

I’d actually enjoy useful things to help me listen to more music

-Like setting bookmarks to sections within a playlist

-Jump to now playing song title in the playlist

-and basically better management of tracks within a playlist not a million things before. 


This is app has so many paint points 


Hey there folks,


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community!


 @Lobo11We’ve added a new Made For You section on Search to reliably find your Daily Mixes, Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and other personalized playlists. But you can also find them in a shelf on Home.





@mca90guitar : No worries, you should be able to sort the Artists section aphabetically. You can do so so by swipping down while you are in the Artists section, to see the Filters tab:



Once you tap Filters, you will see a pop-up menu with the option to Sort by Artist.


There's more info about sorting in this Spotify Answer as well.


@Alex_Ironside : Your saved songs should appear from now on in a playlist called Liked Songs at the top of the Playlists section for fast access. You can still listen to them on Shuffle if you wish, no worries!


@JoshuaMorton316 : Thanks for adding your feedback! Keep in mind that while there's no dial to access each letter for faster access, you can still sort your playlists, Liked Songs playlist, Albums or Artists alphabetically. There's more info here


Further, if a dial is something you'd like to see in the app in the future, we'd recommend heading over to the Ideas Exchange and adding your idea there


There's information on how your feedback from there reaches Spotify here.


Let us know how things go! We'll be right here if there's anything we can help with.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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Just give people a bit more options to customize. You seem to have that idealistic idea to have one perfect design - which is dumb. People have different needs and habits.


Hey there @Spaceman_Spiff_,


Thanks for posting here in the Community and welcome!


Other Spotify users have posted this idea about seeing the old view of the Artists section. In this case, we'd recommending heading over to that idea and adding your +VOTE there. You can also leave your feedback in a comment to contribute to the discussion.


This way, you can stay updated on the status of the idea or any news we have to pass on.


If you're interested on how your feedback reaches Spotify, make sure to check this Spotify Answer.


Hope this helps! If there's anything else we can help with, don't hesitate to give us a shout.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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Hey there @hpeaux,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!


You can still find your Recently Played songs, albums and playlists, no worries!


Instead of looking for it in Your Library, you can now find it on Home.


Hope this helps! Don't hesitate to let us know if there's anything else we can help with.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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Hey @BlackDog_LV and @Ecoh104,


Thanks for adding your feedback and welcome both to the Community!


If seeing a side slider to access your artists faster by selecting a letter of the aphabet is something you'd like to see again in the app, we'd recommend heading over to our Ideas Exchange.


This way, other Community users can add their vote and contribute to the discussion regarding this feature. 


On another note, if you're curious about how your feedback reaces Spotify, we'd suggest taking a look at this Spotify Answer


Let us know how you get on! We'll be right here if there's anything else we can help with.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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I never post on anything. Like ever. And I made an account just so I could comment. This is so ridiculous. I’m scrolling through the comments and someone from Spotify keeps commenting on how you can change this or that or they’ve redirected something into a different area of the app. It was simply so much easier to have EVERYTHING accessible through the library. I liked having an “all songs” tab so I could view what I had recently added and just access and listen to my songs through there. And I could shuffle ALL OF MY SONGS and I don’t see that feature on there now. I shouldn’t have to jump to home to view what I had recently played when, again, it was easier to just view in my library. This new update is garbage. I shouldn’t have to put all the songs I want to listen to, at the moment, into a playlist or go searching through artists or albums to listen to what I want. I can barely remember the artist, let alone the album, when I’m in the mood to listen to what I want. This update has just ruined my whole experience and if something doesn’t change, I’ll find some other service. This update was supposed to make it easier to search through the library, but it has changed how I access and listen to my music. Why change what was working perfectly fine? Why didn’t you do a survey to all of your customers before making this update to see if they’d want the app to change? You’ve changed people’s listening experience. Who does this update cater to? And if people enjoy the new update, that’s great for them, but what if I’m not enjoying this update? Is there a way for me to get the Spotify from before this update back? 

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