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New user probs?

New user probs?

Hi there,


started my spotify experience about 2-3 days ago, and here are all my probs, maybe there are some ideas what to do...


The situation:

Mobile device is a SAMSUNG Galaxy S2 with fresh andoid 4.0.3.

Only Linux at home, so I installed the Spotify windows client on my desktop at work (hope my boss does not recognize) - I found a topic that there is a Linux version of the client, but only for paying users - big disadvantage.

Login with the FB credentials worked - but a strange situation... Still does not understand, why to have to do this that way, why it is not possible to create a spotify account without FB...

Installed the andoird app with google play - worked.

Started creating a playlist - app crashes after every single addition of a song. Not nice.

Added more songs to the playlist with the windows client - worked.

After some hours of playing around, spotify started to make fun for me - but then.,,

Yesterday I wanted to listen to the created playlist while I did my workout, I use the endomono app (with a zephyr hrm bluetooth device) for monitoring the trainig - after selecting any song from the playlist in spotify there was a "info" window which was almost unable to read, cause the space for the messgae within the window was only half the height of a textline; scrolling the info text ewas also almost impossible, I could onyl recognize some single words (stream ... ony ... premium) - no idea what happened.

Tried it later again, endomondo was not running any more, same situation.

Tried it today, same situation; and as then it is recommended "alays" I removed spotify and reinstalled it through google play, the first about 5 starts there was a error 403 (while internet connection was working, of course), after that there was the "error 410" problem (no logion with facebook credentials possible) - and thats all.

So I got a broken app and/or service, so I decidede that I could also try the spotify beta for android; removed the installed version, downloaded the beta, installed it; logion with FB credentials worked again - but now I get the error message that my free trial has expired - I thought I could use spotify unlimited for about 6 month and not only 6 hours???


Has any body any idea what went wrong, what do I have to do to make it just work (without creating a premium account, of course, and without resetting anything at my FB account; that one is still working fine)?


Thank you in advance.





P.S.: If there are already threads regaring my probs I have to applogize for double posting; it would be very nice if somebody could point me to that and the solutions.

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To use Spotify on mobile, you are required to have a paid subscription. Logging in with the mobile app automatically gave you a 48 hour free Spotify Premium trial. You can extend this further with the free 30 day trial. Credit card info required to activate.


The "free six months" means that you can use Spotify for free on Windows and Mac for six months with ads. Then there will be a limit of 10 hours per month and some countries also have a limit of 5 plays per track. United States is currently an exception: they are still unlimited although this is not going to last forever.

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