No ''My Year in Music 2016'' ?

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Re: No ''My Year in Music 2016'' ?


They claim their system is buitl this way...but who knows

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Re: No ''My Year in Music 2016'' ?

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Just cancelled my subscription. You cannot remove features like this and **bleep** all over your customers when they try to get your help. "Oh, too bad you lost an important feature of the service, you should have had your settings set to X or Y by 2 December" is not helping your customers.
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Re: No ''My Year in Music 2016'' ?

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Guys, I've contactd the SpotifyCares over the Twitter as I was told. My all notifications and all the e-mail stuff was on and waiting, but I didn't receive any e-mails from Spotify, just the playlist with 101 of my top songs.

So what Spotify told me is that they did not send any e-mails to users in Lithuania where I am from, so basically what that means is that there are certain countries that are not participating in this "Wrap Up" thingy, so maybe that's why you have no e-mails after December 2nd even if you had your notifications on.


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Re: No ''My Year in Music 2016'' ?


This may have been mentioned elsehwere in the 40-something pages of replies but does its own Year in Music feature. It's not quite as engaging or detailed as Spotify's has been in previous years but it provided much of what I wanted this year.


A bit late to do for this year if you're not already a user but might be worth setting up a profile and the scrobbling settings in Spotify ready for 2017.


Not a great solution I know, but still, it's something.


Sample picture attached (the report is bigger than that, though)...

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Re: No ''My Year in Music 2016'' ?

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Was very much looking forward to the year end breakdown of my lsitening habits like the last few years "your year in review". Got a pretty dull email with some breakdown of my stats but nothing like previous years. Maybe next year will be better but dissapointed with what I received. 

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Re: No ''My Year in Music 2016'' ?


@robocopas That sucks -- they definitely haven't outright said that certain countries would be excluded from the emails (although, I did just find this tweet stating that the emails are currently being sent in the USA? Not sure what this means for everyone else). I've edited my info post to include this issue. 

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Re: No ''My Year in Music 2016'' ?

Gig Goer

This makes no sense.

A: I've had all notifications turned on since like 2013.
B: I live in f-ucking Sweden, where Spotify is from.

Still no email.

Also "The emails are currently being sent"? What does that even mean? If I wanted to I could send an email to like 500 million people at once at the click of a button.
It doesn't take any manual labor to send out a bunch of emails.

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Re: No ''My Year in Music 2016'' ?

Casual Listener

This is terrible, was so much looking forward to this (as i do every year)


Dammit Spotify people sort this out!

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Re: No ''My Year in Music 2016'' ?

Spotify Legend

Hey Community,


We understand there are a lot of questions around Wrapped – this year’s take on Year in Music. So we’ve put together the following FAQ to help clear up any confusion!


What is Wrapped?

Wrapped is this year’s answer to Year in Music. It consists of three different things:

  • A hub in Browse > Genre & Moods full of playlists that highlight the best music 2016 had to offer.
  • A personalised ‘Your Top Songs 2016’ playlist. You can find yours in the Wrapped hub. Make sure you follow it!
  • Personal listening stats delivered directly to your inbox.


Why didn’t I get a Wrapped email?

To receive an email, you needed to meet the following criteria:

  • Have opted into News & Offers email notifications.
  • Have enough listening history from January – late October for us to serve up your stats.
  • Have a valid email address registered to your Spotify account.
  • There are some other scenarios that could mean you don’t receive an email. For example, if you’ve ever marked a Spotify email as spam, or we received a bounceback when sending you an email in the past. Unfortunately, this is out of our hands. 


Update: We’ve finished rolling out a new batch of Wrapped emails. If you still haven’t gotten yours, it may be due to one of the reasons listed above. You can also check Browse for the "Your Top Songs 2016" personalised playlist.


Why did you change Year in Music?

We’d hoped to reach more people with this year’s campaign and we believe we have. We also really appreciate all the feedback you’ve given us here in the Community. We’re taking it all on board for next year.



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Re: No ''My Year in Music 2016'' ?


Look forward to this very much for end of the year. Brilliant last year. Absolute rubbish this year plus you obviously didnt give it to many listeners. So whats the reason? Cant be bothered? Too big now? Don't actually have the data and won't say that? I probably could have guessed the tint bit of content i got from you. Before this it seemed like there was a different ethos with Spotify compared to the commerciality of Apple etc. Clearly no point in remaining loyal to Spotify. A fantastic example of very poor customer service. Take a hike!