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No Spotify Gift Cards in Canada?

No Spotify Gift Cards in Canada?

This is bulls**t. I dont want to use my credit card because I dont want it to auto renew neither do I want to go through the process of cancelling.


I thought paysafecards would be a nice option for me, but then I went to my local outlets to try and purchase and they said they dont have them, also the online outlets have a really crappy checkout process and just seems suspicious overall so paysafecards are bulls**t and complete trash as well. 


I tried to look for a way to pay for spotify premium with itunes gift cards, but apparently this option is no longer available, so this equals bulls**t in my equations of all quantum physics.


In conclusion, I dont want to pay with a credit card/paypal because auto renew is a bunch of bulls**t, so no premium for me thanks s**tify

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