No log in through Facebook

No log in through Facebook








Nokia 7 Plus

Operating System

(Android 9 Pie)


My Question or Issue

I cannot log into Spotify on the above mentioned device with Facebook. I also have two other devices that I use my Spotify account with (Nokia 8.1 - Android 9 Pie; Nokia 3.1 - Android 9). All three of them use the offline mode as well.


About a week ago I found the Nokia 7 Plus logged off Spotify. Spotify says "there is a problem with logging in. A log in at the moment is not possible".

If I then type in my Facebook login details by using the Spotify Account log in, not the Facebook log in button, it asks me to send a link to my E-Mail in order to verify the log in.

That worked once. After another week same thing happened and now the Nokia 7 Plus device won't log in anymore. I've tried everything!

Several App Restarts, Phone Restarts, Deleting the Spotify App and downloading it again and the issues stays.


I'd really appreciate some help of you guys and thank very much already in advance for checking out this issue 🙂

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Hey @nikjar91!


Welcome to the Community! 🙂


I'm sorry you are experiencing an issue with your Spotify experience.

So this is only happening when using your Nokia 7 Plus? You can still login through Facebook on the Spotify webplayer/website?


Let me know.



Yes this only happens on the Nokia 7 Plus. Logging in and using the web player works in all three devices though.


And thank you for the warm welcome and trying to help me out 🙂


Hey @nikjar91,

We'd love to help you out further.

Please follow these steps:

1.  Log out from everywhere.
2. Do a clean reinstall (step 4 is very important). 

Try to log in on each devivce and tell us how it goes. Thanks 🙂 

Have a good day!

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Thanks for your advice as well, and sorry for my late reply!
We found a different way now and it seems to work:

When logging in with Facebook on the Nokia 7 Plus it said, it is not possible to log in.
After that I tried, to log in with the Standard Spotify log in way and it also reported an error, but additionally Spotify wanted to send an E-Mail, with a Login to confirm that this is an authorised log in. Spotify came back to life on the Nokia 7 Plus, after clicking that link. BUT this is the second time, I did it that way. If it will stop working again, I will try what you suggested and come back here. Promise!

Thank you also as well 🙂


Hey @nikjar91,


Thanks for letting us know everything's alright now 🙂 Glad to hear that! 

If the issue appears again, feel free to try out the troubleshooting steps above. Meanwhile, if you have any other questions about Spotify, feel free to reach out to us anytime. 

Have a great day! 

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