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No notifications

No notifications



Im using Spotify since a long time but since a couple of months I'm not getting notifications.

But I need them to check updated subscriped playlists. I have updated the app 3-4 times an reinstalled it a couple

All my notifications are enabled on my settings.


Any ideas how to fix that?

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Hi. Two things: One, the notification settings on the app itself. Two, the notification settings on the phone or mobile device. You need to be sure that the notification settings are not blocked on the phone, that is more likely to be the issue I'd say...

Hi, I don't have the app on phone or mobile device... and regarding the notifications on the app itself, I have them enabled by using the menu with the arrow on the right of the screen (Account- Notifications), I don't know if that's what you mean.

So I'm guessing you are talking about notification on the desktop app?

Yes, I have them enabled but I haven't got any in a couple of months.

Ok, so.. have you checked the subscription option on your Spotify's profile? there you can also check your notifications and enable them.

Yes, I tried that too... Didn't change anything

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Have you  tried disable-re enable them. 


This is what other user posted....maybe you could try the same on the desktop app:


Following up on this post.


The issue has been fixed. I'm now receiving notifications.


For some reason, having enable the option "Disable all notifications" allow the notifications to show. (Here is a screen shot of the settings on my phone).




This might be a bug in Spotify service because when I go to Spotify website to check my settings, I can see that option "Disable all Notifications" is not enable. (See screenshot below).




But if I disable the option "Disable all notifications" in my phone it gets enabled in the website. I have tested this a couple of times by loging off from the app in my phone to check if it synch with the web site but the result is the same.


I'm not sure if this might be a workarround for all those who have a similar problem with the notifications, but it worked for me.

Yes, I did that too... I will try to do it in some phone app as well but in the desktop version it doesn't work

I'm having the same problem. The weird thing is that I do get some new album release notifications from time to time but never any playlists update notifications anymore...

I tried all these things like resetting notification settings etc. but nothing worked...

I'm  having the same issue and have also tried the solutions above. Are notifications for new releases and playlist updates extinct?

Same here 😕 I am still getting some notifications from my android app time to time. But, I haven't got any notifications since last month from my desktop windows software. I am giving a shot to close all notifications and re-check them, now from browser's settings screen. I will update my status if any positive thing happens. It is a bit annoying though 🙂




Problem continuing. I still have not able to get notification from my windows app.

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