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No option to add music to my playlist.

No option to add music to my playlist.

Right i seem to be having an issue, and don't see where to find the help to sort it out.


I have recently moved my playlist over to my boyfriends spotify account,


i can listen to it fine, but when ever i try and add new music to my playlist there is no option to do so.


I'm sure there is a very simple way of sorting this but for the life of me i cant figer it out, and it is becoming very frustrating.


Thanks Danni.

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Hello Danni, welcome to the Community!


In what way are your playlists moved to your boyfriends spotify account?


If he is the owner of the playlist, he can make them collaborative.


According to this page, he can do this by following these steps:

  1. In the left panel, right-click the playlist. 
  2. Select Collaborative Playlist.




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