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No "See How You Listened in 2020" Playlist.

No "See How You Listened in 2020" Playlist.

I never got a "See how you listened in 2020" Playlist. This makes me sad because I love music and Spotify is my main platform for listening. Can Spotify please recognize this and if other people have the same problem then vote.

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Apparently there's a separate website for it. Not sure why that is but here's the link!

FYI the site is not personalized.


Your personalized "2020 Wrapped" is available only on mobile this year.  Under the "Home" menu, scroll down to find it with "Your Top Songs 2020".  Hope that helped!



Hi Robet,

I've tried that so many times and looked at my friends and I simply don't have it.

Thank for trying to help though.

That is odd. Maybe it's not available in your region? I've seen it across all of my platforms. Then again, when in doubt, Google it out or DM a moderator 🌍✌️

Thanks Rob! 🌍✌️

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