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I have had the same problem.  I have now filled out the contact form twice and received the most unhelpful responses back. I recently bought a Mac computer and am trying to login to my spotify account on it. I am currently logged into that account on my phone. I know my username but I forgot my password and the email that I used to sign up with. I only really use two emails but I have tried them both with the password reset and now have no idea what email I could have used or my password. So, is there any way that I could reset my password with an email that I currently use or be sent either my current password for my account or the email associated with the account?


Re: No response from Spotify-Support

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It's also been about 4 days waiting for a reply on whether the access is granted. I also did request 3-4 times and still no replies whatsoever. Hoping that spotify moderators receive this msg cause i feel that the service is incredibly slow. 


Here is my Artist name & Song: