No/too few notifications (followers, subscribers, new releases etc)

No/too few notifications (followers, subscribers, new releases etc)




I've been having trouble getting notifications when it comes to new releases from artists. From what I've read, this has something to do with a limit (?) of the number you can get each week. If this is true, it does sound odd and takes away a huge chunk of relevance for Spotify. I want to be able to receive the news, why else follow a certain artist?


Also, I don't get any notification what so ever in regards of new followers, subscribers or even when a new song is added to a playlist I follow. I have chosen to be updated via my phone as well as e-mail. 


What do I do? Everything is running on the latest update too.



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Hi @tyni, this has always bugged me as well.  As such, I wrote an application using the Spotify SDK that will notify you when there are new releases and when playlists that you follow are updated.  I hope to release this app within the next week.  Stay tuned 🙂

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Thanks @djmikeystrange! That sounds brilliant, mate.


I contacted Spotify and their short reply was simply that the coming update will fix this/these problem(s). I really hope so, although he told me that he didn't think there was any limit to updates from new releases. Time will tell, I guess.


OK, so nowadays I get no notifications whatsoever. Too bad the Companion App is only for Windows, as I will definitely use it as soon as it supports iOs.


Does anyone else have this problem? I might add that I follow a lot of artists (around 1500) but I was told this wouldn't have any effect.


I'm having this issue too. I follow 4200 artists and I have received no email notifications and no in-app (desktop/android) notifications since April 4th, 2016. This makes the whole "follow" feature absolutely useless.  

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