Non accessable premium account

Non accessable premium account

I've recently been having problems with my phone, random shutoffs, screen burn etc. I had called customer service of my phone manufacterer and they told me that just factory resetting should fix it and if not to call back. I did and, as I thought that the spotify account I made last year would have my usual passwords, I didn't think anything would be affected. But when I got back on and tried to login I realized i must have used some off password since I had lost my previous account from the summer. And of course this account was on the email i no longer have access to making it impossible to do pass recovery for the account or email. I had premium on the account and am being charged for it even though I cant use it. I know the username but of course that info can't do much for me. Need some help at least just to cancel the subscription!

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Hey @Merdecai, welcome to the community!


Sorry to hear you've lost the credentials to log into your Premium account.


Right now, if you don't have access to the email address linked to the account there's no way to reset it.


In this case, the best thing to do is to contact our Support team via Twitter or Facebook. They'll be able to track down the account to help you out.


All the best.

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