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Not abel to accept family initation

Not abel to accept family initation

We have added three family members, but none of us can see any redeem. we are just comming to the ”master” of the account when pressing accept. I have also tried to create a new account for me, since we all have used the same account so far, but no change. So, even though I now have an account on my phone (with adds!) I cannot accept the invitation for the family account. How to proceed?

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I’m having the same problem. I’m trying to redeem a family member and it is saying there was a trouble.

is this the only way to get support from spotify?

It was the only one I found, but I truly hope not

I have the same problem and i still haven't received an answer to my email dated 26.01.2018 to - very annoying



Sorry to hear that...

I hope that is not the official way but as nobody answers, I will share what I did.

I asked my mom to delete her account, and then we created a new one with the link she got.

It worked ^^


Hope it does for you as well.



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