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Not able to log into account and/or family plan

Not able to log into account and/or family plan

Hi, I hope that you could please help me!


It´s been a couple of months since I havn´t been able to log in to my account, when I changed my iphone and redownloaded the spotify app it said something like " you can only use spotify in another country for 14 days" but I don´t know why would it say that, so I tried making a new account with my other email but it says that there is an unknown error, and that I should try again, but I have donne that many times and it keeps saying the same thing.

And when I try to log in from my computer all I get is a page asking for my email, and when I enter it it says "Address 'x...' was not found in our database. Please check spelling or try different address", so I can´t do much to fix my problem...

And I got invited to a family´s plan and I can´t log into that either but I guess this is because I don´t have a working account.


I would really apreciate some help,


thank you


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I don´t want to lose my account so I hope there´s no need to creat a new email just to be able to get spotify...

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